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La température corporelle basale est le thermomètre de votre fertilité
Cycle menstruel

The temperature curve: ovulation and pregnancy

Ovulation: what is the temperature curve? The temperature curve is a method of determining the day of ovulation , a posteriori . This involves taking your temperature every morning, when you w...

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Quelles sont les 4 phases du cycle menstruel ?-Gapianne
Cycle menstruel

What are the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle?

Better understanding our hormonal cycle can help us be more in tune with our body and adapt our lifestyle to each moment. Knowing that we have our periods about 500 times in our life , we though...

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Dérèglement hormonal chez les femmes : causes, symptômes et solutions
Cycle hormonal

Hormonal imbalance in women: causes, symptoms and solutions

Often rightly associated with premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalance in women is also the cause of various disorders, such as weight gain, difficulty getting pregnant and carrying a child. Link...

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Que faire contre la constipation : remèdes et solutions naturelles

What to do against constipation: remedies and natural solutions

Have you ever felt blocked, uncomfortable, and unable to go to the bathroom? Chronic constipation can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience for many people. Let's explore with Charlotte ...

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Marque de culotte menstruelle : comparatif, avis et conseils
Culotte menstruelle

Brand of menstrual panties: comparison, opinions and advice

Hello, I am Jennifer, one of the co-founders of Gapianne, in charge of finding the best nuggets for your intimacy . Today, I share with you a piece of personal experience that may resonate wit...

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Amenorrhée : Comprendre l'absence de règles
Cycle menstruel

Amenorrhea: Understanding Absence of Periods

Who has ever felt a certain anxiety when their period is late in arriving? (raise your hand!) When you have sex with men and one month you don't have your period on the normal date, you immediately...

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avis sur le tire lait Perifit Pump

Perifit pump: Review on the portable electric breast pump

For some people, breastfeeding can be a real challenge, especially when you need to go away, go back to work or when your baby has difficulty suckling directly from the breast. This is where the Pe...

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Une femme souffrant de dysménorrhée se recroqueville sur elle-même à cause de douleurs menstruelles
Cycle menstruel

Dysmenorrhea: Understanding and relieving painful periods

Some of us are unlucky on this side: menstruation can be a complicated, difficult period, accompanied by a lot of pain. This would also be the first cause of school absenteeism for adolescents and...

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Trouble dysphorique premenstruel : qu'est-ce que le TDPM ?
Cycle menstruel

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: what is PMDD?

Have you ever felt an emotional roller coaster just before your period? Do you feel overwhelmed, irritable, or even hopeless? If so, you may have experienced a condition known as premenstrual dysph...

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le désert pour illustrer la Sécheresse intime pendant la ménopause : Traitements naturels efficaces

Intimate dryness during menopause: Effective natural treatments

Did you know that intimate dryness affects 1 in 5 women before menopause and 1 in 2 after menopause? And yes, you are not the only one affected by this problem! Menopause is a normal stage in a wom...

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image de 2 directions pour illustrer la différence entre la ménopause et la péroménopause

Pre-menopause and Menopause: what is the difference?

A woman's life is marked by milestones (and many milestones!) and the period leading up to menopause, called pre-menopause (or perimenopause) is one of them. Pre-menopause and menopause are natu...

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Les 6 principaux symptomes de la menopause

The 6 main symptoms of menopause

Menopause is a natural transition period in the life of a woman and a person with a vulva. It marks the end of fertility and is accompanied by significant hormonal changes . Still taboo, there i...

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Vivatech - Vous avez dit VULVA TECH ?

Vivatech - Did you say VULVA TECH?

WHAT IF INNOVATION WAS FINALLY AT THE SERVICE OF WOMEN'S HEALTH At Gapianne, we centralize in one and the same place a whole selection of intimate care and accessories designed to accompany wom...

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Vue au microscope d'ovocytes féminins

I tell you about my first appointment for egg freezing

As we told you in story on the @gapianne account, we are 3 out of 4 at Gapianne to follow the egg freezing procedure in France. And yes ! For very different reasons, we all wanted to preserve ou...

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Les vibromasseurs pour débutant.e.s-Gapianne

The best vibrators for beginners: which sex toy to choose?

Do you think about it? Not sure where to start or what to choose? Here is a short guide and advice for choosing the right first sex toy. Masturbation contributes to our well-being, like a sports...

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Quelles solutions contre la sécheresse intime ?-Gapianne
sécheresse intime

Vaginal dryness: solutions against intimate dryness

The vulva and vagina are naturally hydrated, which gives an elastic and slightly moist texture of the mucous membranes, even more lubricated during sexual arousal. It often happens that punctuall...

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Par quoi remplacer le lubrifiant intime ?-Gapianne

What to replace the intimate lubricant?

When we received you in store, we realized that the intimate lubricant still suffered from a stigmatizing reputation for women and people with vulvas. Some people may be reluctant to use it, their...

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Les podcasts érotiques sont ils les nouveaux porno ?-Gapianne

Audio porn: Top 6 French erotic podcasts

Team testimonial Stimulating your senses, cultivating your fantasies , masturbating ( with or without a sex toy ) alone or with others, can also go through listening to audio porn . A good way ...

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Le Womanizer, vaut-il vraiment le coup ?-Gapianne

Womanizer sex toy: inevitable non-contact stimulator?

This is the question I was asked last weekend. I found myself on the dance floor of a wedding, at 2 am. When a friend comes to see me, knowing that we have just launched a boutique entirely dedi...

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Prendre soin de soi après une fausse couche-Gapianne
Fausse couche

Taking care of yourself after a miscarriage: what follow-up?

Find the expert opinion of naturopath Stéphanie Jreijiri, founder of Equilibre au feminine. Miscarriage is an early and spontaneous termination of pregnancy, occurring in the first 22 weeks, mo...

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Comment utiliser un stimulateur clitoridien ?-Gapianne

How to use a clit stimulator?

The clitoris, the only organ entirely dedicated to pleasure … powerful! However, it was not until 1998 that we discovered its complete anatomy and it was not until 2017 that the clitoris made it...

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Tout savoir sur la masturbation-Gapianne

Female masturbation: how to masturbate for more pleasure?

In this third chapter, it is the - vast - subject of masturbation that is addressed, always with women of all ages and from all walks of life. Through these testimonials, we will start by defining ...

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Cure Détox : quels aliments detox et compléments prendre ?

Detox cure: what detox foods and supplements to take?

When to do a detox cure? Do you also after the holidays feel the need to cleanse your liver, eliminate toxins, start a diet and do a total reset of your body ? It's normal: chocolates, turkey,...

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Papier cadeau rose froissé

Top 10 gifts to give to your mother or mother-in-law

The race for the best Christmas gifts continues! This week, Gapianne has selected something to delight your mom and your mother-in-law. Must-haves with which you are sure to please them. Here ar...

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Cadeaux rouges emballés avec un ruban fuschia à paillettes

Top 10 gifts for small budgets

Are you organizing a secret Santa with your friends, colleagues or family? So you are looking for a gift with a small budget? You will find your happiness in this article. We have selected for you ...

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Cycle menstruel

Women's Yoga classes - MLK YOGA at Gapianne

Yoga postures to better live your menstrual cycles with Marie-Laure fromMLK YOGA . Because yes, the practice of yoga can help soothe pain but also the mind which is sometimes put to the test durin...

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Top 10 des cadeaux à offrir à sa soeur, cousine, meilleure copine-Gapianne

Top 10 gifts to give to your sister, cousin, best friend

That's it, Christmas is in a month! The end of the year often rhymes with a frantic pace. We help you find the future happiness of your sister, or your cousin, or your friend for Christmas. In add...

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Top 10 des cadeaux à offrir à saon partenaire-Gapianne

Top 10 gifts to give to your partner

“All I want for Christmas is youuuu” That's it, the Christmas movies have invaded our TV. The netflix & chill season is open. The first Ferris wheels and Christmas chalets have opened thei...

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Optimiser la 2eme semaine de son cycle-Gapianne
Cycle hormonal

Optimize the 2nd week of your cycle

This period of the cycle is from D7 to D13 or the week after your period. This is called the pre-ovulation phase or the follicular phase . It is the spring of your cycle, you are in full bloom. ...

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Se débarrasser de l’acné hormonale-Gapianne

Get rid of hormonal acne

An alien has lodged on your forehead. That's it ! First sign that your period is coming. During this period, a hormonal change takes place, accompanied by a high level of androgens. This will accel...

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Tout savoir sur nos poils-Gapianne

All about our hair

Body hair is one of the main concerns of French people in summer. Some are even scared to death that they stick their noses out of their jerseys. Good news for them, the hairs are out this year. ...

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Le masque de grossesse : ce qu’il faut savoir-Gapianne

The pregnancy mask: what you need to know

Many of you ask us questions about the pregnancy mask, so here are our answers to your questions on how and why some women develop a pregnancy mask, how to put the odds on your side to avoid it (es...

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Mes premières règles-Gapianne
Cycle menstruel

My first period

Hair is starting to appear under your armpits, your breasts are starting to grow... and you're expecting your first period ? We understand you :). The first periods indeed mark the beginning of fe...

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Changer de regard et mieux comprendre la ménopause et la périménopause-Gapianne

Change your outlook and better understand menopause and perimenopause

As we know, the body and the balance of women are in perpetual evolution, both during their cycles, but also throughout their lives. All people with ovaries go through a process of perimenopause ma...

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SOS chute de libido ?-Gapianne

Low libido in women: boost their sexual desire

We have all experienced the crossing of the desert during which sexual desire is at zero . We can sometimes be completely OK with this, but some women say they are unhappy with this drop in de...

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Pourquoi les culottes menstruelles vont vous changer la vie.-Gapianne
Culotte menstruelle

Why period panties will change your life

"Take control of your privacy so as not to suffer it anymore" what does that mean? At Gapianne, we wanted to give women the opportunity to find the solution that suits them best. This does not mean...

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MST/IST ou les joies du s3xe-Gapianne

MST/STI or the joys of sex

Today, we are going to talk about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), recently renamed STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) to help you see more clearly about the different STDs/STIs and above ...

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Sextoy pour couple ? N'hésitez plus !-Gapianne

The best sex toys for couples: which one to choose?

Beyond the solitary pleasure that allows you to know your body and do yourself good, couples can take great pleasure in masturbating each other . But what about introducing toys, the famous sex ...

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Petit guide de survie en périodes de règles l’été-Gapianne
Cycle menstruel

A short guide to survival during periods of summer menstruation

So that you can all enjoy your summer swims, including those who do not tolerate tampons, we detail the latest "new products" and the little extras that allow our private parts to have a good summe...

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Cycle hormonal des femmes : les 5 étapes de grands changements hormonaux-Gapianne
Cycle hormonal

Women's hormonal cycle: the 5 stages of major hormonal changes

Throughout our lives, we encounter fluctuations in our hormonal system that will impact us and our body on a daily basis. We often hear about the "female" cycle , but we prefer to talk about menstr...

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L'avortement en France en 2022-Gapianne

Abortion in France in 2022

On Friday, June 24, Supreme Court justices overturned federal Roe v. Wade has guaranteed the right to abortion in the United States since 1973. Now each state can independently prohibit abortion (v...

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5 choses à savoir sur l’endométriose-Gapianne

5 things to know about endometriosis

Because this gynecological disease affects more than 10% of women in France, and its impact on the lives of sick people is sometimes enormous, here are 5 points on endometriosis to help you underst...

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Connaissance et acceptation de soi-Gapianne
Acceptation de soi

Self-knowledge and acceptance

This last chapter of the Pluriel.le.s Campaign invites us to reflect on the acceptance of ourselves, as women of course, but not only. Through the different periods of life, within various socie...

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Identité, genre, orientation sexuelle : où en sommes-nous ?-Gapianne

Identity, gender, sexual orientation: where are we?

We are probably not the only ones to find that all the debated notions surrounding gender, gender identity or sexual orientation make us dizzy, so we suggest you try to provide you with some leads...

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Première fois : idées reçues-Gapianne
Première fois

First time: received ideas

In our first chapter on myths in sexuality, we discussed how to deconstruct the idea that making love necessarily rhymes with "penetration". Today, in this second chapter of Pluriel.les, our docume...

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Faire l’amour sans pénétration : déconstruire les mythes dans la sexualité-Gapianne
Faire l'amour

Sexuality without penetration: new ideas for making love

Sexuality is a vast and diverse field, offering myriad opportunities to explore pleasure and intimacy . Society has long conditioned us to associate sexuality with penetrati...

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Préserver l’équilibre de la flore vaginale-Gapianne

Preserve the balance of the vaginal flora

We often talk about vaginal flora, microbiota and pH, but do you really know what that means and how to preserve them on a daily basis? Follow the guide, we tell you everything about how to take ca...

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Comment muscler son périnée ?-Gapianne
Fuites urinaires

How to strengthen your perineum? And why ?

The perineum, a word so often pronounced during pregnancy, in anticipation of childbirth. But do you really know what the perineum is for? And why is it important to strengthen the perineum when...

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Vulve ou vagin ? Quelles sont les différences ?-Gapianne
Acceptation de soi

Vulva or vagina? What are the differences ?

There are things that we don't talk about much and that have an impact on our daily intimacy. It is important to talk about it to move the lines, improve the care dedicated to women's health and si...

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Fertilité et alimentation : comment booster sa fertilité ?-Gapianne

How to boost your fertility naturally: 6 tips

Are you looking to get pregnant? To answer this question, we interviewed Pauline Benaroch, dietitian nutritionist, expert in nutrition with future and young mothers . Pauline is also a specialis...

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