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Our solutions & advice by concern

When you have an intimate problem, it is often difficult to know which solution is right for you!

Discover all our advice and recommendations to find THE ideal routine according to your concerns, your background and your desires.

periods & PMS

- Menstrual protections: discover the revolution of menstrual panties , or discover all our solutions cups, tampons, pads

- Period pain and endometriosis : 1 in 2 women have pain, discover all our advice and solutions to relieve you.

- Mood disorders : sensitivity, mood swings, depressive phases, we help you regain control over your hormones

- Hormonal acne : rashes as your period approaches? Our anti-blemish essentials.

algues roses qui suggèrent l'intimité féminine


- Understand your menstrual cycle to be able to regain power!

- Discover the 4 phases of our menstrual cycle

- To know the ba-ba on ovulation !

- Female hormonal cycle : The 5 main phases of hormonal changes

- To understand everything about our so-called female hormones

- Follow your temperature for a pregnancy project or as a means of contraception

Pleasure & libido

- Decreased libido : understand where these variations in pleasure come from and find what can help boost it.

- Pain during sexual intercourse : we can never say it enough, having pain is not normal. We have lots of tips for you ;)

- Want a sex toy : clitoral, vaginal or double stimulation, vibrating or pulsed air technology, sex toy for couples or solitary pleasure... All our advice for choosing the one that's made for you!

- Female masturbation : understand everything about her anatomy for more pleasure.

- Discover love without penetration


- Fertility and conception: discover all our natural solutions to help you conceive as well as the advice of our nutritionist to boost your fertility

- Treatments : our selection of natural face and body products to take care of yourself during pregnancy

- The pregnancy mask : what you need to know to avoid it

- Breastfeeding and postpartum : help with breastfeeding, painful nipples, rehabilitation of the perineum

- Miscarriage : how to take care of yourself after this event



- Hot flashes : all our tips and remedies to avoid these heat rises that make us sweat

- Vaginal dryness : lack of natural lubrication, tightness, burning, itching, and pain on penetration.

- Perineum : over time the perineum tends to relax. Discover how to build muscle and take care of it

- The different phases : peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause

Intimate, mental & sexual health

- Perineum : over time, pregnancies and multiple reasons, the perineum tends to relax. Discover how to build muscle and take care of it

- Fragile vaginal flora, mycosis, recurrent cystitis ... find the intimate balance thanks to our advice and products

- Endometriosis: things to know and solutions to avoid menstrual pain

- Vaginismus : pain or impossibility of being penetrated, understanding the causes and solutions

- Vulvar health : to learn more about the vulva and female diseases such as vulvodynia and other vulvar pathologies...

- Mental health : anxiety, stress, insomnia… discover our solutions to regain mental balance

- Sexual health : pain, changes in libido, fulfillment... preserve your sexual health!


- All about the clitoris, this incredible organ, 100% dedicated to female pleasure

- Vulva and vagina : understand the difference

- Perineum : this sacred and too often forgotten muscle which allows us to avoid urinary leaks, the descent of organs and to take more pleasure too...!

- Sensitive vaginal flora : mycosis, cystitis or flora imbalance, all our advice and products to preserve the balance

Intimate Care & Hygiene

Discover all our natural, effective and pleasant to use treatments:

- vulva, buttocks and intimate hygiene

- face & body

- hair

- hands & feet

- oral hygiene

But also our compatible treatments:

- pregnancy

- hormone-dependent cancers