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Quelles sont les 4 phases du cycle menstruel ?-Gapianne
Cycle menstruel

What are the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle?

phases of the menstrual cycle

Better understanding our hormonal cycle can help us be more in tune with our body and adapt our lifestyle to each moment. Knowing that we have our periods about 500 times in our life , we thought it would be a good idea to dust off our sex education lessons by taking up the BA-BA of the so-called “feminine” cycle and telling you a little more about it. on these 4 phases. But first of all do you know what the 28 days of the menstrual cycle correspond to? This is the average duration between the first day of menstruation and the start of the following menstruation. Each of us is unique and cycle length varies from person to person, some may have a shorter cycle (21 days) or longer (up to 35 days). Others may also have irregular cycles. Here, we therefore rely on averages to understand each phase of the cycle, but you have understood that we are all different. However, if your cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 35 days, consider consulting a healthcare professional.

The phases of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle has 4 phases. Internal phases that could be assimilated to the four seasons:

Phase 1 or "winter": D1 to D6 – These are the rules, they last an average of 5 days, here too it varies according to the individual, it can range from 2 to 8 days.

Phase 2 or "spring" : D7 to D14 – This is the continuation of the follicular phase which lasts approximately 14 days from the start of the period. This corresponds to the maturation of the egg until ovulation when it is released.

Phase 3 or "summer" : D14 to D20 – This is ovulation, the egg is released and ready to be fertilized. There are approximately 14 days left until the next period.

Phase 4 or "autumn": D21 to D28 – This is the luteal phase, it lasts about 14 days, the egg is awaiting fertilization. This is the pre-menstrual phase.

4 phases of the menstrual cycle diagram
Reminder: For people on hormonal contraception, the 'natural' menstrual cycle is put on “sleep”.

Phase 1: Rules – Winter

What happens in our body? This is the elimination phase of the uterine lining, the endometrium, which decays and is eliminated by menstruation to start a new cycle. This period invites introspection, rest and renewal.

Some tips for taking care of yourself during this time:

  1. Bet on heat to soothe pain in the lower abdomen and back: take a hot bath or shower to relax, use a hot water bottle, this can reduce pain.

  2. Play on the power of plants with anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties to relax. Why not take them in decoction during your period or take a course of food supplements to see the long-term effects. Find our selection of special period herbal teas here. And our selection of food supplements formulated with plants and vitamins to aid digestion and solve hormonal acne problems, cramps and pains, mood disorders and fatigue.

  3. Turning to pleasure to produce these hormones that reduce pain, yes we are talking about dopamine and oxytocin. If you feel like it, masturbation and sexual intercourse can also be good painkillers.

→Our naturopath Anne Guillerm has concocted a guide to foods to favor when you have your period.

Phase 2: The follicular phase – Spring

Estrogen goes up and your energy too! This is a period when we are in full bloom. Motivation returns and the desire to move is felt, we can bet on endurance sports and cardio at this time. It's time to stock up on superfoods (germinated seeds, seaweed, etc.) to boost our dynamism.

→ Follow the guide of our naturopath Anne Guillerm to eat better during the second week of her cycle.

Phase 3: Ovulation – Summer

THE phase of the cycle where we shine and where we are most fertile : 4 days before ovulation until one day after. It is a phase of expression, we are full of desire , we feel powerful. So it's time to do high-intensity sports but also to prepare your body to enter the pre-menstrual phase so, you can choose an anti-inflammatory diet, you bet on Omega 3 with fish, eggs and vegetable oils. Anti-oxidants with foods rich in vitamin E such as avocado, walnuts, coconut, soy etc.

→ Even more advice from our naturopath Anne Guillerm on this phase of the cycle here.

Phase 4: The Luteal Phase – Autumn

Or the pre-menstrual phase, it is the beginning of the drop in estrogen. You may experience longing, heightened sensitivity , and/or a decline in energy . But it is also a phase that will promote creativity, inspiration and self-affirmation. It's a good time to solve problems. If you suffer from a pre-menstrual syndrome , it is during this period that you will see certain symptoms appear, so you adapt your sports practice to "softer" sports such as yoga, walking or jogging. pilates. In addition to an anti-inflammatory diet , we favor foods that produce serotonin (yes yes, the hormone of happiness is produced by the consumption of protein: turkey, chicken, beef, soy, cod, lentils, squash, etc.) and which is rich in magnesium (nuts, cocoa, almonds, wholemeal bread, bananas, shellfish, etc.)

→ Treating your PMS through your diet is possible and this is what our naturopath Anne Guillerm explains to you here.

We hope to have guided you on the 4 phases that punctuate your life and to have helped you to better understand your cycles. Find our Pluriel.les podcast and its episode of Julia Marconnet who explains the importance of following your menstrual cycle and adapting your lifestyle according to the different phases.

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