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Routine Painful Periods

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This routine allows you to prevent period pain, relieve yourself, relax your body and soothe sensitive areas thanks to 3 essential gestures that will help you live your cycle better.

Find 1 cure of food supplements to prevent, an herbal tea to soothe and a serum to relieve.

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Focus on

Routine products

Sérum corps apaisant anti douleurs - Miyé

The Twenty-eight Food Supplement Cure

1- PREVENT these pains thanks to a cure of natural food supplements with relaxing and antispasmodic effects.

complément alimentaire twenty eight anti douleurs de règles

Mijane Herbal Tea

2- ACT preventively or occasionally thanks to the Menstrual Cycles herbal tea which relieves the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation.

Miyé Happy Body Serum

3- SOOTHE cramp or pain locally when it occurs by applying Miyé's soothing and decongestant serum.

In detail

Doigt qui appuie sur le sérum cycles heureux contre les douleurs de règles de Miyé

Usage tips

For the cure of food supplements 28: We recommend that you start your cure ideally at the end of your period so that the beneficial effects can be felt from the first pre-menstrual symptoms. A cure lasts 1 month, we recommend that you extend for 3 months in order to feel all the benefits over time.
Dosage: Take 2 capsules per day, with breakfast for 3 months ideally.
Contraindication: There is no particular contraindication for this treatment. It is compatible with pill type contraception.

For the Mijane herbal tea: Infuse a teaspoon of infusion for 5 to 10 minutes in simmering water. Add a fatty substance (honey, milk, butter, etc.) for a perfect diffusion of the active ingredients of CBD.
Contraindications: this infusion is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, in case of taking blood thinners, epilepsy and hormone-dependent cancer, for people suffering from gallbladder disorders or hypertension. It is also not recommended for people who are sensitive or allergic to plants of the Asteraceae family.

For Miyé happy body serum: This treatment is particularly suitable when you have pain (cramp type) or menstrual discomfort (pre-menstrual syndrome, postpartum, peri-menopause...). Pour a few drops into your hands and massage sensitive areas (tight breasts & stomach, heavy legs, etc.). You can do this 2-3 times a day in times of discomfort as soon as the need arises.
You can also apply it preventively 5 to 10 days before your period.
Contraindication: this treatment does not contain any controversial ingredients and is in principle compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding, however you can ask your doctor for advice. This treatment is not edible by your baby, so be sure to rinse your breast before breastfeeding.

complément alimentaire twenty eight douleurs pré menstruelles et pendant les règles


This routine is made up of 3 natural products:
1 cure of Twenty eight food supplement for 1 month - 100% natural, vegan
1 Mijane Menstrual Cycles herbal tea in bulk for about 15 cups - 100% natural, vegan, organic
1 soothing anti-pain serum from Miyé of 50ml - 99% natural, vegan, organic
These 3 products are made in France.

Cure 28: Chinese angelica powder, raspberry ketone extract, coating agent: hpmc, yarrow extract, lady's mantle extract, black cohosh extract, organic coconut powder flour.

Mijane herbal tea: cbd hemp, raspberry leaves, sage, yarrow, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, raspberry, apple

Serum Miyé: aqua, alcohol** denat, glycerin**, menthol*, pisum sativum sprout extract, arthrospira platensis extract*, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, ginkgo biloba leaf extract*, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, alcohol, chondrus crispus powder, sodium benzoate."