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Produits Femmes Collection Libido & Aphrodisiaque - Gapianne

Libido & Aphrodisiac

What are the best natural aphrodisiacs to boost your libido? Gapianne offers you aphrodisiac products to get you in the mood: candles, ginger and ginseng herbal teas, cbd intimate oils and lubricants, libido powder... Try our aphrodisiac remedies now!

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Best-seller ❤️️Huile intime au CBD pour se détendre et vivre des moments chaudsL'huile intime lubrifiante CBD - My Lubie-Gapianne
Best-seller ❤️️Infusion aphrodisiaque au gingembre - My LubieTisane gingembre aphrodisiaque effet
Best-seller ❤️️Huile de massage couple - My LubieHuile de massage & Soin pour le corps - My Lubie-Huile de massage-Gapianne
Bougie de Massage - Burn - Maude - baies roses - citron - bois de cedrebougie massage burn maude moment de plaisir pour 2
Massage Candle - Maude Sale price30,00€
Sold outLe coffret désir et plaisir de Gapianne avec une infusion libido, un baume hydratant intime et un livre éducatif.Coffret Cadeau - Désir & Plaisir-Gapianne
Gift Box - Desire & Pleasure Sale price50,00€
Sold outInfusion boost libido - Gingembre & CBD - ÉquilibreIngrédients de l'infusion CBD et gingembre
Sold outLe coffret aphrodisiaque de Gapianne avec infusion libido et huile de massageCoffret Cadeau - Aphrodisiaque-Gapianne
Gift Box - Aphrodisiac Sale price49,00€
Plaisir & libido

Definition: What is a natural aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is a substance, food, or object that is believed to stimulate sexual desire or excitement in a person. The term "aphrodisiac" has its origins in Greek mythology, where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was worshipped. Aphrodisiacs have since been associated with the ability to arouse passion and enhance the sexual experience.

What are natural aphrodisiacs:

There are natural aphrodisiacs of vegetable, animal or mineral origin which are renowned for their ability to increase sexual desire. Some foods are considered directly aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, dark chocolate, ginger. plants like ginseng, cloves and saffron have also been used for a long time to improve sexual performance.

Why are these natural products considered aphrodisiacs?

Among the foods mentioned above, some will be composed of serotonin and endorphins, like the cocoa found in dark chocolate. These happiness hormones provide pleasure and would put us better mood and therefore in better conditions for a busy night (or a morning, it depends on which team you are part of ;))

More natural aphrodisiacs are coming dilate blood vessels and lead to a better flow of blood into the penis. It's the case for cloves (in the form of essential oils or not), ginger or ginseng. This increase in blood flow allows a more powerful erection that lasts longer. Saffron is composed of phytosterol, a plant hormone that stimulates and sensitizes the erogenous zones.

bougie de massage maude burn qui coule sur une main - toucher délicat - odeur délicieuse

Are these aphrodisiac effects scientifically proven?

You should know: aphrodisiacs have no magic effect on the body (or the brain). They're not going to make you want to make love right now.

Nevertheless, these natural solutions come heighten certain senses via the blood flow or thanks to certain hormones (serotonin, endorphin). It's just worth knowing how to use them to your advantage.

First of all, we won't recommend that you embark on a diet full of ginger, cloves, dark chocolate, oysters... in the hope of feeling something.

What we are proposing to you is rather to opt for turnkey solutions, but always natural. On Gapianne, we have gathered the best natural aphrodisiacs for men and women. Of the aphrodisiac herbal tea from My lubie composed of ginger and red ginseng, has cbd lubricating oil that boosts blood flow for longer naughty pleasures, through the 100% natural cure of Twentyeight which regulates hormones and increases desire, all these products are carefully selected to accompany your desire and pleasure.

Then maybe you could dwell on why are you looking for aphrodisiac products? Surely there are solutions to address your lack of libido, other than the search for an aphrodisiac or a miracle cure. Sexuality is more complex than you think, sometimes be attentive to your desires, take the time to concentrate on your pleasure, masturbate and discover a new sexuality are the first avenues of exploration.