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Lubricants, intimate oils

An intimate lubricant is a product used to facilitate vaginal or anal penetration during intercourse or masturbation . Lubricants can be based on CBD, water, silicone, aloe vera. Discover our range of natural gels and lubricating oils!

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Why use an intimate lubricant?

It is recommended to use intimate lubricants when the natural lubrication of the vagina is insufficient or when vaginal dryness is frequent. Cases of vaginal dryness can be caused by various factors such as stress, pregnancy or menopause. Intimate lubricant gels can also be used to reduce friction, irritation or prevent condoms from tearing.

How to choose the best sex lubricant?

Your choice will be different depending on whether you are looking for a lubricant to use during penetrative sex, oral sex or to masturbate with a sex toy, for example.

For vaginal intercourse, we advise you to opt for natural lubricants based on water like that of My lubie or silicone like that of the brand Maude. For anal sex, choose silicone ones to avoid damaging your sex toys over time.

Huile intime au CBD My lubie pour lubrifier et détendre  sur le dos d'une personne

What to replace the lubricant with?

This is a question that we are often asked in stores: what are the natural alternatives to lubricant?

Well, as surprising as it may seem ... we advise you not to opt for "natural" ingredients to replace the lubricant.

- Saliva is a bad idea because 1) it dries out more than it lubricates and 2) it promotes the transmission of STIs

- Vaseline is a fatty substance derived from petroleum, so we quickly forget

- Vegetable oils such as oil coconut oil, sweet almond oil or avocado oil can disrupt the balance of the intimate flora and facilitate the appearance of infections and fungal infections (especially if they are not organic, without additives, unrefined). They are also incompatible with sex toys and condoms. Leave them where they belong, in the kitchen and the bathroom ;)