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SERENITY Complete Cycle Calendar Set - Smoon x Gapianne

Offer serenity!

This 100% serenity box has been designed to support menstruating people in the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle.

Each week of Advent, discover a dedicated pouch, expert services and a selection of products to manage your pain, provide comfort during your period, increase your well-being or stimulate your pleasure, it's all there. . 139€ instead of 310€, the dream.

Find inside: 4 intimate guides by Gapianne, 1 medium-flow cotton menstrual panties, 1 heavy-flow cotton menstrual panties, 1 CBD oil, 1 intimate CBD oil, 1 women's yoga class, 1 intimate massage oil with CBD, 1 mini CBD lubricant, An excerpt from the program dedicated to female pleasure and different masturbation techniques, 1 rebalancing intimate gel, 1 happy body serum to relieve cycle-related pain, 1 access to the Vulvae platform, 1 mental clarity tea with white chai and turmeric, 1 sugar-free chocolate made with dates and Ayurvedic spices, 1 masterclass by Pauline Benaroch, dietician and nutritionist specializing in women.

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