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Optimiser la 2eme semaine de son cycle-Gapianne
Cycle hormonal

Optimize the 2nd week of your cycle

This period of the cycle is from D7 to D13 or the week after your period. This is called the pre-ovulation phase or the follicular phase . It is the spring of your cycle, you are in full bloom.


It is a dynamic phase where you find your energy , your ambition, your motivation, your confidence, your physical endurance, so it's time to do a little more cardio or active sport ! We want to achieve things, we are on top, but we still need to recharge so we take the opportunity to get oxygen, to get some fresh air, to breathe well.

What happens physiologically

It is the production and maturation of a follicle . Concretely, it is the production of estrogen s FSH which will ensure the maturation of the follicles and under the effect of estrogen Oe the endometrium is built to provide for the implantation of a potential fertilized oocyte.

What food for those days?

We prefer:

  • Proteins : association of cereals and legumes during the same meal for vegetarians
  • We think of wheat germ , it is a concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts that you can easily introduce into your diet. It is also high in protein!
  • We continue with the iron
  • We stock up on superfoods like sprouted seeds in your diet: seaweed, nettle powder, acai, guarana, maca, hemp seeds, raw cocoa, chia seeds, sprouted seeds , spirulina, barley grass and chlorophyll.
  • Green juices
  • Vitamin D
  • Consider adrenal supports : maca, adaptogenic herbs, black spruce.

We avoid exciting ... and we sway like Beyoncé!

gif of beyoncé dancing, full of energy during her pre-ovulation phase

You can find the same types of advice on phase 1 of the cycle, periods, in our article "Taming your periods with naturopathy" .

As well as phase 3, in our article "Boom you ovulate, you radiate" .

Article written by Anne Guillerm, founding naturopath Les naturaux Trained and certified by the EURONATURE school, approved FENA (Federation of Naturopathic Schools) and OMNES (Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education). Anne is a naturopath and offers natural support to optimize your health capital. It is a helping relationship on the physical level as well as on the mental and emotional level. Anne considers the whole being in order to understand each person's path, to better identify the cause of imbalances and to offer support adapted to each person for all types of problems (hormonal imbalances, libido, etc.).

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