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Comment muscler son périnée : La pratique Kegel en 6 leçons-Gapianne

Strengthen your perineum: Kegel exercises in 6 lessons

The perineum or pelvic floor is everyone's business (with or without children, at any age, and even you gentlemen!). This “hammock” of muscles supporting the abdominal organs deserves the most sacred care.

Why do Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises, developed by American physician Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, are often associated with the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy or after childbirth. Indeed, during childbirth, women experience a potential risk of tearing. This is why it is recommended to follow postpartum perineal rehabilitation. (By the way, if this is your case, we advise you to apply Louvz repair serum which will relieve your scars.)

Nevertheless, doing exercises like Kegel can be beneficial at any time of life, excluding pregnancy, for both men and women. This is because the muscles of the perineum are responsible for stabilizing the bladder, rectum, and uterus, as well as supporting the bowel . This is why muscle weakness in these muscles can lead to problems such as urinary or fecal leakage, organ descent or even sexual difficulties.

The key to a reinforced and toned pelvic floor :

  • intensified sexual relations and easier access to pleasure
  • a smoother pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
  • better support and stronger tone of organs such as the bladder, uterus or rectum

Strengthen pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises

These exercises involve pulling up the muscles around the anus, vagina, and urethra as if to hold back an urge to urinate .

The Kegel rules to follow for the rehabilitation of the perineum:

  • Empty your bladder and rectum
  • Relax
  • Apply this formula: 1 time contracted = 2 times rested (example: perineum tight for 5 seconds = perineum relaxed for 10 seconds)
  • Exercise at any age and time (except the week after you give birth)
  • Exhale when contracting, inhale when relaxing

The different Kegel exercises to strengthen your perineum

Basic exercise

The position: Standing or sitting + straight back.

The Exercise: Squeeze the muscles of your vagina/anus as if to hold back an urge then release.

The variant: floor version

The Prescription: 3 sets of 10 contractions per day. To practice anywhere, by going to buy your baguette, sitting in front of your laptop, driving etc.

The Position: Lying on your back + legs bent heels up to the buttocks + back flat on the ground.

The Exercise: Contract then relax at the level of the vagina/anus as if to hold back an urgent desire.

Make the bridge to strengthen your perineum

Prescription: 2 series of 10 bridges per day.

The Position: Lying on your back + legs bent heels up to the buttocks + back flat on the ground.

The Exercise: Breathe slowly while contracting your perineum. Squeeze your buttocks and thighs to tilt your pelvis then lift your buttocks off the ground in a half-bridge and blow for 10 seconds. Slowly lower your spine, vertebra by vertebra.

The lift technique to tone the pelvic floor muscles

The Position: Standing, sitting or lying down. It's all about having a straight back.

The Exercise: The principle is to imagine an increase in the intensity of the contractions, step by step. Don't forget the breath.

- 1st stage: contract the muscles of your perineum for 1 second, low intensity. Release 2 seconds.

- 2nd level: contract the muscles of your perineum for 4 seconds, high intensity. Release for 8 seconds.

- 3rd level: contract the muscles of your perineum for 5 seconds, maximum intensity! Release for 10 seconds

The perineal beads will help you with the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor

Vaginal balls are the best allies of Kegel exercises! Do not hesitate to use a lubricant to insert them more gently.

Liebe perineal beads Box of 5 Liebe perineal beads

For each exercise proposed above, introduce them one after the other at the bottom of your vagina. You will find that the perineum contracts spontaneously in order to retain them. Under the effect of these contractions, the balls collide and generate a vibration which in turn triggers another reflex contraction of the perineum.

This helps develop perineal awareness and doubles the musculature effect. These balls are also very effective on a daily basis. You can keep them in you between 15 and 30 minutes maximum during your activities (Astrid Bruno, physiotherapist, advises you to do 30 minutes during the day in 2 split sessions of 15 minutes): stop at the post office, shopping, walking, driving etc... Discover all our perineal beads here and our Perineum collection .

Be careful not to use in case of prolapse (organ descent or if your perineum is already too fragile). Consult your doctor if in doubt.

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