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Préserver l’équilibre de la flore vaginale-Gapianne
Flore vaginale

Preserve the balance of the vaginal flora

We often talk about vaginal flora, microbiota and pH, but do you really know what that means and how to preserve them on a daily basis? Follow the guide, we tell you everything about how to take care of yourself.

The vaginal flora and its balance

The magic of our body is that it very frequently regulates itself and does not necessarily require our help to function well. Remember that the vaginal flora is fragile and that the vagina cleans itself daily.

So, we do not clean the inside of her vagina , this risks creating imbalances in the intimate flora and more particularly vaginal mycosis and vaginosis : goodbye then to vaginal douches and other methods that promise to give your vagina a spa, these methods should be banned.

However, your vulva should be cleaned daily with water and, if you wish, a cleansing bar or intimate gel with a neutral pH without soap. Don't forget, the vulva smells like vulva and not vanilla , it doesn't need deodorant and has its own smell and that's completely normal, this one is unique, just like you! We only worry if its smell changes and becomes strong. In this case, it may be an infection and we consult a health professional. To sum up, less is more, the more the intimate area stays away from perfumed and unsuitable products, the better it is.

Not sure how to tell the difference between vulva and vagina? There is nothing wrong with that, we have often confused them so we explain everything to you in this little anatomical summary right here .

What to do in case of imbalance of the intimate flora?

It can happen to encounter an imbalance that invites itself into our intimacy. This may be the case when treating, for example , a urinary tract infection or cystitis with treatment with antibiotics .

If this is your case, be aware that the balance of your vaginal flora during and after your treatment can be damaged: you can prevent this with food supplements specially formulated for intimate balance . These food supplements can also be used as a cure to prevent recurrent cystitis and fungal infections.

How to avoid infections of the intimate flora?

On a daily basis, in addition to having good intimate hygiene and not washing the inside of your vagina, there are other very simple avenues to also explore:

  • In order not to promote the development of fungal infections that love humidity and heat, you can let your vulva breathe.. . another good reason to sleep naked! Or at most, avoid tight clothes that don't let in air, hello babydoll and big t-shirt... as long as you feel good.

  • When you go to the toilet, it is recommended to wipe from front to back to avoid the transmission of bacteria from the anus to the vulva.

  • Avoid clothes that are too tight and too tight that compress your vulva during the day.

  • Wear preferably cotton underwear which is a material that (you guessed it...) breathes! Gapianne's little tip: when you buy lingerie, look at the lining at the level of the crotch inside the underwear, it is often made of cotton.

  • Bikini hair removal : far be it from us to advise you on a way to do it or an aesthetic choice. The best choices will always be the ones that suit you best and that you feel comfortable with. Just know that the hairs also serve as a natural barrier against bacteria and external aggressions . Team hairs or not, if you experience repeated infections, being aware of this can help you identify certain causes.

  • Using a fragrance-free detergent can also help reduce infections and irritations.

During your sexual intercourse , whether you practice masturbation or not, whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or not, whether you do not have a particular partner or whether you have several, respecting a few basic rules of hygiene can help you change the life !

  • Have clean hands before touching (yes it's primary and basic but sometimes these are the simplest things that we forget).

  • If you have long nails, also pay attention to their cleanliness.

  • Lubricate! Using a lubricant can help lubrication at the start of intercourse or during it, and when it slips, we also avoid micro-tears in the mucous membranes.

  • Go pee after sex . The bacteria brought by the fingers, a penis, a tongue or others can go up to the urethra and cause cystitis or urinary tract infection.

During your period, if you are prone to imbalances, also pay attention to the periodic protections you use .

  • Choose organic , cotton, unbleached and fragrance-free tampons and sanitary napkins !
  • For those who use menstrual panties , remember to rinse them well to remove stagnant blood in the protective layers of the panties before putting them in the washing machine.

It can be difficult to find the right periodic protections, which is why at Gapianne, we have selected the best organic and French brands for you.

We can never say it enough, but to help us identify the causes and the treatments that are adapted to your problems, go through a health professional.

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