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Comment fonctionne une culotte de règles ?
Culotte menstruelle

How do period panties work?

Are you wearing period panties and wondering how it's possible to feel dry while you're losing blood? Or maybe you are hesitant to purchase them, but you want to understand how these period panti...

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Comment laver ses culottes menstruelles
Culotte menstruelle

How to wash your period panties for optimal cleanliness?

Ah, period panties! These wonderful companions who offer us comfort and serenity every month. But like all good things, they deserve special care to best support us. Are you wondering how to pampe...

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Marque de culotte menstruelle : comparatif, avis et conseils
Culotte menstruelle

Brand of menstrual panties: comparison, opinions and advice

Hello, I am Jennifer, one of the co-founders of Gapianne, in charge of finding the best nuggets for your intimacy . Today, I share with you a piece of personal experience that may resonate with y...

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Pourquoi les culottes menstruelles vont vous changer la vie.-Gapianne
Culotte menstruelle

Why period panties will change your life

"Take control of your privacy so as not to suffer it anymore" what does that mean? At Gapianne, we wanted to give women the opportunity to find the solution that suits them best. This does not mean...

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Culottes menstruelles ou serviettes hygiéniques, quelles différences ?-Gapianne
Culotte menstruelle

Menstrual panties or sanitary napkins, what's the difference?

Do you know how many times we get our period in our lifetime? We get our period about 500 times , between our first period (usually between the ages of 11 and 14) and the transition to peri-menopa...

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