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Prendre soin de sa santé sexuelle : c'est maintenant-Gapianne
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Taking care of your sexual health: it's now

The well-being. It's the word of the century. You have to be good in your body, good in your head, good in your couple, good in your life. The proliferation of physical and digital solutions linked to the absolute priority that we give to health means that we take more and more care of ourselves. Come, let's take a little tour to see more clearly.

Mia sex therapist

Health first

Global health, supported by institutions (health coverage, communication campaigns around health issues, etc.) invites everyone to seek treatment in due time. Generalists and specialists are organized so that health is within everyone's reach.

Also, many companies and collectives have specialized in other ways to take care of yourself (food supplements, hair care, cosmetics, physical activity, sleep, etc.)

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And sexual health in all this?

Only, the great forgotten among all health problems or simply, overall well-being: it is sexual health and intimate well-being . Crushed by taboos, things left unsaid, shame, we preferred not to think about it, to say to ourselves “that we learned on the job”, or that sexuality, “it wasn't rocket science all the same”.

Women are invited to visit a gynecologist annually to discuss questions such as contraception, fungal infections or pregnancy. When men are not until after a certain age, when it's time to monitor the prostate a bit to guard against possible cancers.

Sex education at school plays a simple role of bush in the back of the room

Sex education at school remains very weak and we rarely get out of the straightjacket: STD prevention and contraception. Only here, in this great wave of the desire to take care of oneself , there is still something that is an integral part of everyone's life: sexuality.

Of course, sex is innate because instinctive and reproductive. On the other hand, Sexuality with a capital S is not. Weighed down by the silence around her, we feel embarrassed at the idea of ​​consulting a sex therapist. Not to explore one's sexuality, that's still a notch "above", but if only to talk about pain during intercourse (20% of women say they have already had pain during intercourse), decrease or loss of libido or lack of pleasure.

They take over

To compensate for the gaps in sex education provided in schools or too limited exchanges in the immediate circle, many women spoke on social networks (instagram, youtube, etc.) and laid the groundwork for a new opening, a new perspective on the great subject of sexuality.

Articles, videos, live: more and more women can find answers to their sex questions that come out of traditional summer magazines and articles “How to spice up your relationship in 10 lessons?” or “How to be a good shot?”

Professional information, concrete solutions

The amount of information is increasing, and of course it is not always professional. This is understandable, even today, in 2021, the profession of sexologist is still not recognized and the specialists remain very few (1000 sexologists in France, therefore approximately 200 doctors and 800 sexologist therapists).

Two years ago, Simon Burellier and Olivier Algoud wanted to simplify and broaden access to sexology by launching, the first online sexology teleconsultation platform for men. The two main subjects are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, then come libido problems or couple therapy. The demand was there.

In 2021, they finally have the means to set up , the first platform, too, for teleconsultation in sexology for women. Why two platforms? Because the issues are not the same and they are not treated in the same way. Anyway, we are now able to respond and treat any sexual problem.

When we say “problematic sexuality”, we divide them into several categories on

  • The decrease in libido

  • genital pain

  • The lack of orgasm

  • Marriage difficulties

  • sexual fulfillment

  • Other: anything that falls outside of these other categories

Our objective ? That no one remains unanswered to their questions. That no one is left with the weight of a sexual problem that weighs on overall well-being, on health, on the couple, on the mind.

We are proud to be one of these players, alongside Gapianne and many others, who want to offer concrete solutions. Also, integrating a new habit, which we believe is essential for personal and general well-being: that of taking care of your sexual health and intimate well-being.

We are only at the beginning and can't wait to move forward with you, and Gapianne

mia and gapianne sex therapist

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