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Boom vous ovulez, vous rayonnez-Gapianne

Why do I have a high libido when I ovulate?

Phase 3 of the cycle corresponds to ovulation , it takes place from D14 to D20 , it's the moment of all possibilities, the summer of the hormonal cycle, we shine !

What happens physiologically

An increase in estrogen with an LH peak at D12. Under the effect of this LH surge, the egg will be released from the follicle. The follicle that contained the egg will turn into a yellow body and it is this that will produce progesterone. It is under the effect of progesterone that the endometrium thickens to prepare for implantation .

The endometrium will serve to hook the oocyte and supply it through blood channels. The nutrients pass through the blood… If there is an encounter with a spermatozoon, it is fertilization and if there is no fertilization, the ovum disintegrates the following day.


This is when we are most fertile : 4 days before ovulation until 1 day after.

In this phase of procreation and expression, it is the moment when our libido is at its maximum !

We are full of desire, of happiness, we want to communicate, filled with empathy. We want to form relationships and we have a good team spirit. We feel powerful , we're on top, it's time to meet new people, do high-intensity sports.

What food?

It's also the time to optimize and prepare for phase 4 where we're going to have a little less well , so we're betting on an anti-inflammatory diet.

We avoid:

  • Acidic and acidifying foods : Refined carbohydrates (white sugar, refined cereals such as pasta or white rice), bad fats, sodas, industrial dishes, stimulants, red meats
  • Sugar and glycemic indexes that are too high (whole grains, oilseeds)
  • Gluten (wheat, dough, bulgur, semolina...) and we tend to go for rye, barley, spelled, kamut, oats, sourdough bread, pasta and semi-complete rice, gluten-free oatmeal, millet, spelled, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, coarse millet, teff, fonio, lupine, red rice, black rice.

We bet everything on:

  • Omega 3 : Small oily fish, vegetable oils and eggs
  • Antioxidants : We eat fruits and vegetables: lots of red fruits and foods rich in vitamin E (raw vegetable oils, oilseeds, avocado, asparagus, coconut, soy, etc.)
  • Alkalizing and remineralizing foods of biological origin: Potatoes, sweet potato, seaweed, chestnut, Jerusalem artichokes, green vegetables, colored vegetables, avocado, banana, coconut, herbs and spices.


We think of zinc to maintain cell division with pumpkin seeds, lentils, shellfish.

We take the opportunity to take care of our intestines and our microbiota also with:

  • Probiotics and prebiotics (fibers, lactofermented products, kombucha, kefir)
  • Fresh cistus pollen

Enjoy the glow!

You can find the same types of advice on phase 1 of the cycle, periods, in our article "Taming your periods with naturopathy" .

Article written by Anne Guillerm, founding naturopath Les naturaux Trained and certified by the EURONATURE school, approved by FENA (Federation of Naturopathic Schools) and OMNES (Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education). Anne is a naturopath and offers natural support to optimize your health capital. It is a helping relationship on the physical level as well as on the mental and emotional level. Anne considers the whole being in order to understand each person's path, to better identify the cause of imbalances and to offer support adapted to each person for all types of problems (hormonal imbalances, libido, etc.).

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