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La Digue Dentaire, l’ovni pour cunni-Gapianne

Dental dam & Oral Sex: how to protect your cunnilingus from STIs?

We forget a little too often that STIs are also caught orally. Cunnilingus and analingus are synonymous with the risk of catching HIV, genital herpes or even hepatitis A. And yes, it breaks the mood a bit... This is where the dental dam comes into play to protect areas not covered by the condom during sexual intercourse.

Dental dam: what are we talking about?

photo dental dam prevention ist sex

Most often recommended for homosexual and lesbian couples or relationships, it is always recommended to use it ! Like any other protection. We don't really know how they ended up testing this, but originally it was a square of latex used by dental surgeons (surgeon rascals!) to isolate one or more teeth from the rest of the mouth. Perforated, the dam allows the base to isolate one or more teeth in order to work away from saliva.

Why use a mouth dam during oral sex?

Over time, it eventually became protection against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infection) in latex or polyurethane. This latex square must be placed between the mouth and the vulva or anus of your partner, and sometimes in addition to the condom. That way, bacteria and viruses won't get through!
PS: dental dams have an expiration date, so check the DLC before using them.

How to put on a dental dam?

It sounds silly, but it's more complicated than it looks! First of all, like all protection, you have to take the dam out of its little case, unfold it and apply some lubricant (water-based) on one side. Then, you are free to put it on the sex or the anus of your partner, or yours!

But then, everything gets complicated when you start your language work (yes "language work", we dared to say it...) Indeed, the little problem with the dyke is that it does not hold on its own by magic glued to the skin ! You have to hold it with your hands and stretch it a little bit, but not too much... Just that! So thank you, but that means only the tongue is activated. And the fingers then? What a pity…

The dental dam is disposable like any condom. It is therefore not necessary to change direction, the face in contact with the sex or the anus must not be reversed and end up on the mouth. (ah bah yes! otherwise you might as well not use anything…). It must also not pass from sex to the anus and vice versa, it is imperative to use a new one to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

Where to buy it easily?

You can find them in any pharmacy , on the internet or in some testing centers in the same way as male and female condoms. You just have to go and test it!

The advantages of the dental dam during cunnilingus or rimming?

  • Easy to find, in pharmacies, on the internet or in certain screening centers
  • One of the most effective protections in case of oral sex such as rimming or cunnilingus
  • In latex, it has a second skin effect
  • Apparently giggles guaranteed if you don't take this experience too seriously
  • You can make one with a male condom and scissors in 30 seconds without difficulty

How to make a dental dam?

  1. carefully remove the hood from its packaging and unroll it
  2. cut the tip and the base
  3. also cut it lengthwise
  4. unroll the tube into a rectangular sheet
  5. It's ready ! Attention, your mouth must come on the non-lubricated side of the condom

    The inconvenients

    • The polyurethane version costs around 2 euros, it hurts the wallet if you often use it during oral sex
    • The rubber dam does not stay in place on its own, it does not adhere well to the skin
    • It can be unpleasant to the touch and can look a little too plastic bag
    • The hands are used to hold the protection, they cannot be used to stimulate other erogenous zones

    Article written by the Junon collective and relayed by Gapianne as part of a collaboration

    Jess, Clem and the members of Collectif Junon have been rocking the capital with their program of feminist events and their blog since 2015. They deconstruct preconceived ideas about today's sexuality. On Gapianne, findtheir super committed magazine .

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