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Air pulse stimulator vibration

Pleasure sex toys dedicated entirely to clitoral stimulation with very innovative suction technology. We'll let you imagine the effect... At Gapianne, we all succumbed!

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Best-seller ❤️️Nouveau ✨Coco Summer le vibromasseur double stimulation  Puissante en édition limitée - GapianneCoco Summer le vibromasseur double stimulation  Puissante en édition limitée - Gapianne
Best-seller ❤️️SILA Vibromasseur clitoridien à air pulsé tête large - LELO-GapianneSILA Vibromasseur clitoridien à air pulsé tête large - LELO-Gapianne
OG, double stimulateur avec sa technologie d'air pulsé et de vibrationOG le vibromasseur point G & clitoridien - WOMANIZER-Gapianne
my lubie sextoy air pulsé vert marque françaiseAura stimulateur clitoridien à air pulsé - My Lubie-Gapianne
SONA 2 Vibromasseur clitoridien à air pulsé - LELOSona  2 sextoy clitoridien sonique violet avec des pétales de rose
mini coco de puissante stimulateur clitoridien air pulsé couleur bleumini coco de puissante stimulateur clitoridien air pulsé couleur rouge
sextoy womanizer stimulateur clitoridien air pulsé couleur indigo gapiannewomanizer liberty 2 stimulation clitoris indigo waterproof gapianne
sextoy stimulateur clitoridien womanizer air pulsé couleur saugesextoy air pulsé clitoridien womanizer couleur sauge avec boutons de réglage intensité
Sextoy clitoridien à air pulsée Classic 2 noir de WomanizerMain qui tient un sextoy clitoridien à air pulsée Classic 2 violet de Womanizer dans un bain
Sextoy Bouche Bée Ona à double stimulation vue de l'arrière- GapianneSextoy Ona double stimulation Bouche Bée - gapianne
Womanizer Premium - Le stimulateur clitoridien best seller

Discover the Pulsed Air Vibrator

Imagine a completely new sensory experience, where each pulse of pleasure is amplified by revolutionary technology. Welcome to the world of pulsed air vibrator! A sex toy for women innovative that provides clitoral stimulation unrivaled thanks to delicate, sensual... and intense sucking.

Inspired by the famous Womanizer

Pulsed air vibrator is much more than just a sex toy - it's a reinvention of female pleasure. In the world of sex toys, sex toys have long ignored the clitoris. For years, sex toys were focused on the internal, not the external. But times have changed and so much the better: the brand Womanizer was the first on the market to invent the technology “Pleasure AirTechnology” by combining the gentle suction with subtle vibrations. The pulsed air vibrators today offer an orgasmic experience, which allows you to explore solo or in a relationship with.

Sila le sextoy clitoridien sonique violet de chez Lelo qui est posé sur un miroir

How does the Pulsed Air Vibro work?

Pulsed air vibrator so use the Pleasure AirTechnology, an advanced method for creating a delicate sucking around the clitoris, stimulating the nerve endings with exquisite precision.

Unlike traditional sex toys which use direct vibrations to stimulate the clitoris, when you use a pulsed air vibrator, no direct contact takes place between your clitoris and the object. It is the suction system that makes the clitoris vibrate. This system reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort caused by excessive vibrations. Additionally, this method of stimulation has been proven to allow users to experience deeper and more intense sensations, often leading to more powerful and satisfying orgasms. (Thanks to the power of the clitoris and its 10,000 nerve endings)

Which pulsed air sex toy to choose?

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a double stimulation (clitoris and vaginal), we advise you to watch the Coco from Powerful, our best-seller that includes a rod you can have fun with too. At the house of Gapianne, we love it SILA with its very wide mouth which is suitable for all clitorises, or the ONA which is a cheaper pulsed air vibrator (79€) therefore more accessible.

The My Lubie brand also offers Aura, a clitoral stimulator which has 2 mouths of different sizes to adapt to your body shape. Finally, find the range of Womanizer: the O.G., the Starlet 3, the Classic 2 or even the compact sex toy Nomade Liberty 2.