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Quand le plaisir est thérapeutique-Gapianne

When pleasure is therapeutic

To do good, to have fun, to enjoy, to have orgasms. It's nice, at the time, you feel good. Increasingly, women are supported in this direction, receiving information, advice and sometimes injunctions. But does pleasure exist simply to experience a sweet fleeting moment?

sex therapist

Orgasm, this holy grail

What do we all have with orgasm ? You have to enjoy. You have to have fun. But why ? So, yes, let's not lie to each other, it feels good . It allows us to think of nothing else, to escape, to give in to our sexual urges. It is a path that allows you to reconnect with your body, with yourself , to listen to it, to feel it in a world where you forget that it is much more than a means of transport or a map. visiting our identity. And if the pleasure is shared, it's time to experience a moment of intimacy, sharing, love, fusion.

wife pleasure is therapeutic

Doing good is good for your health

On the medical side, there is no doubt: having regular and satisfying relationships is associated with a better state of health. Moreover, a recent study has even shown that having an active sex life was correlated with a decrease in almost all causes of mortality : in short, sex is life.

On the sex side, on the heart side

The link between our sexuality and our heart, our arteries, our blood circulation is clear and proven . Each influences the other. During intercourse, two cardiac benefits stand out: during intercourse, pleasure, orgasm, our heart rate undergoes a rapid acceleration, like our breathing rate and blood pressure before decreasing by a blow. These sudden accelerations and then decelerations allow the heart to be more reactive, better prepared to face situations of danger or stress.

Also, sexual pleasure and orgasms cause secretions of relaxing hormones (serotonin, oxytocyne etc.) . And this state of relaxation directly benefits our hearts. The more relaxed you are, the less worried you are, the less stressed you are, the less heart problems you have.

Sex, a painkiller of madness

Many studies have shown that people suffering from chronic pain such as back pain, joint pain, rheumatism have less pain during and especially after intercourse.

A regular sex life decreases the intensity. This even allows some people to reduce or even stop certain painkillers when compared to people who do not have a fulfilling and/or regular sex life.

Sexual pleasure is also beneficial against migraines thanks to the secretions caused by satisfactory intercourse (endorphin for example) and others which are close to morphine and muscle relaxants. That is to say that the pain decreases thanks to a cerebral state less sensitive to the latter and a natural relaxation of the muscles.

On the psycho side, it's not bad either

This is one of the clearest, most obvious benefits of sexuality: all the studies that have looked into the subject have shown an improvement in depression and anxiety scores in people who resume a regular sexual life. and/or satisfactory.

The latter makes it possible to obtain in the long term the best psychological “parameters” on all points: stress, morale, sleep, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. On the hormonal side again, this is explained by the secretion of powerful anxiolytics, natural antidepressants such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. We continue ?

Sexuality, anti-cancer?

Let's take the information with a grain of salt because we don't know exactly how a pleasant sex life reduces the risk of cancer (it doesn't remove it, but it does reduce it). On the other hand, what we know thanks to the studies carried out is that there is less cancer and the risk of dying from it among people who have an active sex life.

Several hypotheses exist, the most convincing would be that it causes a strengthening of our immune system, which in fact makes us more resistant to cancer cells or infections.

There is even a special mention for prostate cancer and breast cancer:

  • It would seem that the fact of ejaculating at least ten times a month would be associated with a reduction in the risk of prostate cancer: it is moreover the same thing on which we can act on our own to reduce this risk. risk since the other factors depend more on genetics and the environment.

  • In terms of breast cancer, a pleasant and regular sex life reduces the risk of cancer-related mortality. For a long time, the favored hypothesis was that which explained that intercourse was an indirect opportunity to feel the breasts and detect cancers at earlier stages. However, recent studies demonstrate a real biological protection linked to sexuality.

    Be careful, this does not mean that the risk goes to 0 but that it is a factor in reducing the risk of cancer.

    Better than all the anti-aging creams in the world

    Among the multitude of hormones stimulated by a regular sex life, there is DHEA: the anti-aging hormone par excellence. Forget the advertisements with smooth skin and strong bones thanks to creams based on snail slime or hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the secretion of DHEA and testosterone, as well as the relaxation and well-being provided by a satisfactory sex life (we have repeated satisfactory, pleasant because a regular unsatisfactory sex life does not count!), decreases the signs of aging of the skin, bones, muscles and all our organs. This is also why after sex, we often look good: we have just taken a shot of anti-aging and anti-stress.

    As you will have understood, taking care of yourself is essential. Taking care of your sexual health and your intimate well-being is not just a question of “nice to have”, it is a real asset for general health and overall well-being. Plus, it's free, it's unlimited, it's simple fun and let's face it: how good is it! and Gapianne

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