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Article : Peut-on traiter une vaginose naturellement ? - Gapianne
Flore vaginale

Can we treat vaginosis naturally?

Often neglected, the health of the vaginal flora is one of the most important aspects of female well-being. Among its disorders, we find bacterial vaginosis which is at the top of the list! As a reminder, vaginosis is due to an imbalance in the vaginal flora. It is therefore interesting to ask how can we treat vaginosis naturally ? The answer is nuanced, we explain everything to you in this article!

Points to remember:

  • Treating bacterial vaginosis with natural methods prevents vaginosis, not cures it.
  • It is essential to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis if you have symptoms of vaginosis, to prevent any complications.

Reminder of the basics: what is bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is a common gynecological condition resulting from an imbalance in the vaginal bacterial flora. Normally, the vagina is home to a variety of bacteria, of which lactobacilli are the most beneficial because they help maintain vaginal acidity and prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.

When this balance is disrupted, pathogenic bacteria, particularly anaerobes, can multiply excessively, leading to vaginosis. This condition often manifests itself with symptoms like abnormal vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor, itching, and sometimes pain during sexual intercourse.

And it's perfectly understandable to want to seek out natural treatments to restore the natural balance of vaginal flora.

Is it serious to have vaginosis?

There is no need to panic. Having bacterial vaginosis is not considered serious and is very treatable.

Where it can get complicated is if it is left untreated. It can lead to complications and inconveniences that should not be neglected. In most cases, vaginosis manifests itself with uncomfortable symptoms that can affect our quality of life. These symptoms are abnormal vaginal discharge, usually accompanied by a very strong odor , often likened to a fishy smell.

So in summary, if vaginosis is left untreated, it can increase the risk of developing other gynecological infections, such as pelvic inflammatory infections (PID), and can even create complications during pregnancy.

Furthermore, it can increase the susceptibility to contracting sexually transmitted infections.

What are the natural treatments to treat vaginosis?

Are you experiencing symptoms of vaginosis and looking for a natural treatment? Unfortunately, we do not advise you to treat your vaginosis with a natural treatment. For what ? The reason is simple, it lies in the fact that bacterial vaginosis, caused by an imbalance in the vaginal flora, may require a specific medical approach to be treated effectively. Natural treatments for vaginosis are especially very effective in supporting the general balance of the vaginal flora and preventing imbalances . But they are not sufficient and effective enough to eradicate the pathogenic bacteria responsible for vaginosis.

What to do to treat vaginosis?

The first step to follow is to consult a health professional to get tested. Proper screening is essential to confirm the diagnosis of vaginosis. This approach not only allows you to precisely identify the cause of your symptoms but also to receive the treatment best suited to your situation.

Then, if you have confirmation that you suffer from vaginosis, the use of eggs and prescribed creams is often preferred due to their proven effectiveness. These targeted treatments act quickly to eliminate pathogenic bacteria while soothing discomforts, such as pain and irritation. They will relieve you effectively and quickly.

Natural treatments to protect against vaginosis

Now that you know the procedure to follow to treat vaginosis, it is important to take care of your intimate health to avoid any recurrence and maintain the balance of the vaginal flora.

Here are several effective strategies to reduce the risk of developing vaginosis later:

Maintain good intimate hygiene:

Maintaining good personal hygiene does not necessarily mean that you have to take showers every day. It is not limited only to cleanliness but encompasses a series of specific behaviors aimed at preserving the natural balance and health of the vaginal area. We find there:

  • The choice of products for intimate cleansing: It is imperative to opt for cleansers specially formulated for the intimate area, which are gentle, unscented, and designed to maintain the natural pH of the vagina. Scented products and regular soaps may contain irritating chemicals that disrupt the balance of bacteria and increase the risk of infections. That in the trash!

✨At Gapianne we sell the best products for intimate hygiene . To wash gently without unbalancing the vaginal flora. So we present to you our little favorite - the organic cleansing bar from Baûbo - which has a pH adapted to the flora and which is perfect for sensitive mucous membranes. Plus, we love its eco-friendly format!

  • Forgo vaginal douche: Vaginal douche should be banned from your routine. You should only wash the outside (the vulva) with lukewarm water and a suitable cleanser (as seen previously). This is more than enough to maintain cleanliness without affecting the internal balance of the vagina. Douching, which involves rinsing the inside of the vagina with liquids, should be avoided because it actually eliminates beneficial bacteria and increases the risk of imbalance.
  • Moisturize your vulva: Hydrating the vulva can also help prevent vaginosis. This maintains the integrity of the skin, which helps protect against infections by creating an effective barrier against pathogens. Adequate hydration can also prevent irritation and micro-tears, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial infections or imbalances. That's not all ! Maintaining sufficient hydration of the vulvar area can support a healthy environment for vaginal flora and avoid conditions that promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

✨ The little nugget to hydrate your vulva is the organic moisturizing balm from Baûbo which has been 100% validated by our customers. This balm is a must-have to have in your bathroom to support your intimate health. Find out quickly!

Organic moisturizing vulva balm - Baûbo-Gapianne

Wear underwear made from natural materials:

It is strongly recommended to wear underwear made from natural materials, such as cotton. This material helps prevent imbalances in the vaginal flora for several reasons.

Firstly, it has high breathability. It promotes air circulation, which helps maintain a dry vaginal area and a balanced temperature. As a reminder, humid and hot places increase the risk of bacterial proliferation.

Second, cotton has the ability to absorb excess moisture, which is especially important for vaginal health. By removing moisture from the skin's surface, cotton helps prevent the creation of a humid environment where bacteria and yeast can multiply.

Finally, synthetic fabrics are more prone to friction. Rubbing the skin in the vaginal area may cause irritation. Irritations can in turn damage the skin's barrier, making the area more susceptible to infections. While soft cotton is less likely to cause chafing.

Tips for choosing underwear:

  • Choose 100% cotton underwear, particularly for the lining which is in direct contact with the vulvar area, and if possible they should be organic.
  • Avoid tight underwear which can restrict air circulation and create areas of dampness.
  • Change your underwear daily, or more often if you are particularly active or the weather is hot, to keep the area as dry and ventilated as possible.
  • Consider sleeping without underwear to allow maximum ventilation during the night.

Adopt a balanced diet:

At Gapianne it's advice that we often mention, but health comes first and foremost from our plate! Adopting a balanced diet is therefore essential for the health of the vaginal flora. Incorporating foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics into your diet plays a crucial role in supporting and maintaining healthy vaginal flora:

  • Probiotics: these are live microorganisms (or in other words “good bacteria”) which, when ingested in adequate quantities, have positive effects on health, in particular by contributing to the balance of the intestinal flora and vaginal. There we find lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus reuteri and lactobacillus acidophilus which are the best known. Moreover, some of these bacteria already constitute our vaginal flora.

You can therefore turn to fermented foods which are excellent sources of probiotics. Among them, natural yogurt (no added sugar) stands out as a common and easily accessible option. Other examples include kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh. These foods help increase the population of good bacteria in the intestine, which has a positive effect on the microbial balance of the vagina through a beneficial bacterial translocation effect.

  • Prebiotics: Prebiotics are non-digestible dietary fibers that feed probiotic bacteria in the gut. They help promote their growth and activity. They essentially act as “fertilizers” for good bacteria. Foods rich in prebiotics include bananas, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, artichokes and many types of green vegetables. So by stimulating the growth of probiotics, prebiotics indirectly help to strengthen the health of the vaginal flora.

✨For better effectiveness, you can integrate treatments enriched with probiotics and prebiotics. Our little favorite is the moisturizing and rebalancing intimate gel from Miyé . This gel supports and strengthens the natural ecosystem of your vaginal flora, while providing a lasting sensation of freshness and comfort. We're also a fan of the South Beauty treatment , perfect for soothing, protecting and nourishing your intimate area, while preventing bacterial imbalances.

Pack Jho cleansing gel & Miyé-Gapianne intimate gel
Intimate gel tube soothes and protects against vaginal dryness South beauty from Nidéco in a flower

Practice safe sex:

Having protected sex helps reduce the risk of bacterial imbalances in the vaginal flora. Condoms act as a physical barrier and prevent the exchange of bodily fluids and the transfer of potentially pathogenic microorganisms between partners. This helps preserve the vaginal microbial balance.

Remember that condoms are also a preventative measure against sexually transmitted infections, which can alter the vaginal environment and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, by maintaining the natural acidity of the vagina through the use of condoms, we protect lactobacilli. So think about condoms!

Avoid irritating products:

Most of the products we find in the supermarket are full of chemicals and unfortunately they can be irritating to the vulva and unbalance the vaginal flora. To preserve vaginal health, it is recommended to choose intimate hygiene products that are gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic, designed to respect the natural pH of the vaginal area.

✨The last gel that we would like to show you to support the balance of your flora is the Wumi intimate cleansing gel which brings a feeling of freshness and comfort while soothing and preserving the balance of your intimate area.

Intimate cleansing and moisturizing gel - Wumi-Gapianne

In conclusion, approaching the treatment of bacterial vaginosis with natural methods offers an interesting perspective on maintaining the balance of vaginal flora, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to intimate health. However, it is crucial to recognize that natural treatments can serve as supplements to prevent imbalances rather than replacing necessary medical interventions in the event of infection. Consultation with a healthcare professional remains essential for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

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