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So that questions of intimacy never go unanswered again. Gapianne explores all subjects with the help of the best experts to enlighten you whatever your current problem.

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Menopause and perimenopause

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Cycle menstruel

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Stimulateur clitoridien ? Point G ? Quel vibromasseur choisir ?-Gapianne

G-spot or clitoris: Which clitoral stimulator or vibrator to choose?

Do you want to treat yourself and buy an intimate accessory ? We understand you! But which vibrator to choose? When we know that there are a multitude of options such as the type of stimulation (cl...

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Article sur les 3 types d'endométriose - Gapianne

The different types of endometriosis

If endometriosis, this endometrial disease which affects 10% of women in France, is starting to be discussed more and more, it is less known that it is divided into three different types depending...

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Article sur la grossesse avec le SOPK - Gapianne

PCOS and baby plan: how to get pregnant despite everything

PCOS is the leading cause of female infertility in France. Although little known to the general public, this endocrine disorder impacts the fertility of menstruating people in different ways, nota...

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Article sur la dépression post-partum - Gapianne

How to get over postpartum depression?

Mental and physical fatigue, emotional and hormonal upheaval, stress, family pressures and influences, upheaval of the couple and each person's roles, stopping work... All the conditions are there...

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Article Gapianne x Magic Ovaries sur la symptothermie
Cycle menstruel

Symptothermy, a great tool for deciphering your cycle

I am Alix from Magic Ovaries, expert in menstrual cycles and symptomothermy, and founder of Magic Ovaries, a brand dedicated to raising awareness of menstrual health and symptomothermy support. To...

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Article sur l'endométriose post-partum - Gapianne

How to deal with postpartum endometritis

In recent years, endometriosis has been a gynecological disease that is gaining visibility. And for good reason: this endometrial disease, until now little known and difficult to diagnose, affects ...

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Congeler ses ovocytes en France gratuitement
Congélation d'ovocytes

Comment et pourquoi congeler ses ovocytes ?

Depuis quand la procédure pour congeler ses ovocytes existe-t-elle et pourquoi ? Depuis août 2021, les femmes en France peuvent congeler leurs ovocytes sans raison médicale gratuitement. Cette tech...

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Article : Peut-on traiter une vaginose naturellement ? - Gapianne
Flore vaginale

Can we treat vaginosis naturally?

Often neglected, the health of the vaginal flora is one of the most important aspects of female well-being. Among its disorders, we find bacterial vaginosis which is at the top of the list! As a r...

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Article Gapianne : tout savoir sur la contraception naturelle

Everything you need to know about natural contraception

Are you tired of hormonal contraceptives, your intrauterine device or even condoms, while remaining aware of the importance of protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? A...

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