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Tout savoir sur le clitoris-Gapianne

What is the clitoris used for: anatomy of female pleasure

The clitoris is a sexual organ, probably the best known but of which we remain eternally dissatisfied with the “love button”.

Some people don't know how to use it, what it is for, or why to stimulate it, while others don't even know where it is. So let's lift the veil on the very center of "feminine" pleasure. No taboo, here, we say everything on the small end.

Where is the woman's clitoris located?

It is an organ of the so-called female genitalia whose visible part is located at the top of the labia minora, and which has a diameter of 0.7 to 1 cm on the outside.

Anatomy of the clitoris in diagram

anatomy of the clitoris

In the diagram that we have produced in collaboration with Mia, the platform that allows you to consult a sexologist online , you can find the different parts of the clitoris: the body of the clitoris, the vestibular bulbs, the pillars of the clitoris, the body cavernous...

How big is the clitoris?

The clitoris is actually an organ about 11 cm long whose internal part surrounds the vagina (and not the vulva) . The clitoris can be compared to a penis because it is designed the same way, except for a few nerve endings. Indeed, while the glans of the penis has 6,000 nerve endings, the glans of the clitoris has 8,000. In addition, the size of the clitoris increases when the same feels sexual pleasure.

The role of the clitoris: what is it for? Only for sexual pleasure?

Its strong vascularization makes this organ erectile, it is indeed made of erectile tissue and therefore goes erect when excited.

The clitoris creates excitement, allows the opening and lubrication of the vagina before sexual intercourse (penetrating) and then sends and thanks to the nerves a signal to the brain which affects the reward system and therefore gives the sensation of pleasure and of satisfaction. The clitoris having no opening or channel, is in no way used for reproduction. The role of the clitoris is only to provide pleasure (and that's nice).

mold of a clitoris

But this small organ has not always been appreciated at its fair value.

The story of this despised organ

In the Middle Ages, men described it as the “women's love button”. To make it work, you just had to rub it with essential oil. At that time, men had already understood everything…

Nay, it was in the 16th century that the love button began to be debated. On the one hand it would have a urinary function , on the other it would be the organ of pleasure or even a hermaphrodite deformation.

The poor clitoris sees all the colors before being removed from the female anatomy from the 17th century. Described indeed as an organ of pleasure , it is quickly removed from the anatomy to avoid any masturbation which is qualified as deviant at that time. The philosopher AE Narjami wrote: “Men feel threatened by what would appear phallic in women, so they insist that the clitoris be removed. »

It was not until the 1960s that the clitoris was given its place and that in-depth studies were carried out. In particular by Doctor Hellen O'connel who highlights the female erection as well as the classification between vaginal woman and clitoral woman (which will later be proven that there are only clitoral orgasms , but that's another history) Does this word mean anything to you? It is that in reality all women are.

What is the clitoral orgasm?

We should no longer think that there is a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, just like that there are clitoral or vaginal women. We now know that an orgasm always concerns the clitoris because even during vaginal penetration, the clitoris is stimulated by the internal movements of penetration or the contraction of the pelvic muscles during pleasure.

Namely, the clitoral orgasm causes a vaginal contraction which is itself intimately linked to the small button. (For more information, you can also read our article on orgasm ).

How to stimulate the clitoris to have an orgasm?

First, you can masturbate to activate the stimulation of the clitoris . Caress the visible part of the clitoris, the glans (or the hood). Exploring this erogenous zone can make you feel the first sensations of pleasure. If you want to, ask your partner to touch you and guide them by telling them how you feel.

To help you, you can use a clitoral stimulator , at Gapianne we even have advice if you are new to using vibrators.

Difference Between Clitoris and G-spot

The G-spot or "Gräfenberg point" is an erogenous zone located in the vagina, 2 or 3 centimeters from the entrance, towards the top of the vaginal wall.

To learn more about the G-spot, find our dedicated article on the clitoris and the G-spot.

Taking care of this female genital organ

Anyone should have a right over their body and be able to take care of their privacy. One of the only diseases around the clitoris is a rare condition called Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (or PGS). Each friction, movement around the clitoris invariably leads to an orgasm or extreme enjoyment. Which may in the long run no longer bring so much pleasure.

In short, this so mysterious, so hidden element of pleasure, is not so much. Just respect it, appreciate it and tease it as it should. No need for special training, unparalleled know-how or a state patent to fill the clitoris. All you have to do is go on an adventure!

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