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Sextoy pour couple ? N'hésitez plus !-Gapianne

The best sex toys for couples: which one to choose?

Beyond the solitary pleasure that allows you to get to know your body and feel good, couples can take great pleasure in mutually masturbating . But what about introducing toys, the famous sex toys, into your relationship for more complicity, connection and sensations ? Which one suits you best? Vibrators, connected, remote-controlled, waterproof sex toys, clitoral stimulators without contact or with…

Let's come back to these points to understand how to introduce these little intimate accessories into your relationship.

Why use a sex toy alone or as a couple?

Women masturbate 76 times a year on average , and men twice as much as women (according to a study by the Womanizer brand carried out in cooperation with Lucid in 2022). Hence the importance of raising awareness of intimate well-being for women!

The taboo of masturbation is being deconstructed thanks to sex education which allows us to no longer demonize pleasure and to understand that it is even advisable and good for our health to masturbate!

Find our article on this subject which explains how to connect to your body through masturbation .

Since confinement, more than 50% of French people have already used a sex toy for the first time!

The sexpert Maïa Mazaurette reminds in GQ that "if masturbation is perceived as disgusting, let's transform it into a truly pleasant, legitimate and sympathetic moment. Let's invest in it. Let's think of people or actions that please us 100%, take more time, and if it makes us happy, yes, let's buy sex toys. If you have an ultra-luxury cocktail mixer (which obviously you use every 36th of the month), why not a masturbator? " GQ: Getting started with sex toys : Not that easy !

How to use a sex toy as a couple?

  1. It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: to start, check that you individually want it.
  2. Let's remember: there is no injunction to use a vibrator (no, you're not old-fashioned if you don't want to use one). Simply, these little vibrating accessories will stimulate sensitive areas in a very effective way and can help you feel good, in your body, in your head, in your sexuality... and why not good in your relationship.
  3. No competition! The sex toy is not in competition with you or your partner, it is a tool to give you pleasure differently. Let go of your ego and get involved, it's very exciting to see your partner having fun , no matter how.
  4. Concretely, you can use a vibrator while you make love with your partner, activate their sensitive areas to see them take pleasure or caress yourself where it feels good. You can also sometimes masturbate at the same time during sex, as the vibrations can affect both of you.

Couple: how to choose your vibrator or vibrating stimulator?

At Gapianne, we are 4 women associated who have observed the discomfort that women can feel in sex shops. This is how we created Gapianne, the first intimate well-being eshop dedicated to women .

So that they can peacefully choose a sex toy to use as a couple, or alone, without judgment and with an experience focused on female well-being .

In this regard, visit our Plaisir collection which includes clitoris stimulators, organic lubricants, massage oils , etc. to have a quick look at all our selection.

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the chat, it stays between us ;)

Which sex toy when you're just starting out: womanizer, rabbit vibrator, vibrating ring?

Choosing the right vibrator means thinking about your pleasure and that of your partner. Choose the type of stimulation that suits you or him best. We know it's not always easy to know which vibrator to use when you're a beginner .

The best clitoral stimulators

When looking for a sex toy for couples, internal stimulation is not always what you expect.

If you are in this case, we recommend clitoral stimulators , which focus not on penetration but on the clit. Alone or with others, the clitoral vibrator can be used during foreplay or at the same time as penetration to accompany internal sensations. This is a powerful asset for reaching orgasm at the same time as your partner . This is the opportunity to meet him and discover his superpowers!

Toys that stimulate the clit have become increasingly popular with women for their ability to deliver quick and intense orgasms . It's an extremely sensitive area and rich in nerve endings (he has 10,000), meaning he can be excited in many different ways.

Among them, the Dune from the French brand My Lubie, the products from Lelo or the womanizers from the eponymous brand which will spice up your sexual relations or your little moment of personal masturbation .

The Dune is a small medical silicone pebble that tickles the glans of the clitoris and erogenous zones too.

Dune the vibrating pebble from My Lubie

Conversely, the Lelo Sila or the womanizer have a so-called “pulsed air” functionality. That is to say that they stimulate your clitoris with vibrating waves and stimulate your pleasure without touching it.

It's revolutionary because with this technique, your clitoris is not desensitized . Indeed, sometimes the intensity of the vibrators is such that your nerve endings are overworked and you feel fewer sensations (only for a while, then it comes back, phew!).

Lelo's incredible SILA

Orgasm: the best double stimulation sex toy

Here we move to the next level. With double stimulation, your vibrator will come with its two tips to stimulate you both outside AND inside to increase pleasure even more. Like the famous rabbit vibrator that Carrie talked about in Sex and The City (we're talking about a time that people under 20 cannot know about).

Honestly, we have one maximum recommendation to make to you, just one: opt for the Coco de Puissante . It also has pulsed air, so very gentle on your clitoris but waaaah, really effective.

Use only external stimulation or at the same time try its foldable tip which adapts to your body and fits into your vagina. Choose the pulsation and intensity that suits you and let yourself be carried away to 7th heaven.

From the same French brand Puissante, discover the latest one, it's called Chouchou and revisits the famous Rabbit sex toy. Also benefit from double stimulation of the clitoris and the G zone at the same time!

The best vibrating sex toys for couples

Here is a selection of sex toys that are designed for pleasure for two.

Give power to the other with a remote-controlled sex toy that can be controlled by the partner. The Tiani 2 is the perfect sex toy for couples to spice up lovemaking. Adjust the intensity remotely using a remote control to explore together: the external vibrating tip stimulates the clitoris while the rod stimulates the G zone as well as the penis simultaneously during penetration to provide pleasure for both partners.

Tiani de Lelo

For a male partner, discover Tor, a vibrating ring (also called cock ring) which is positioned on the penis and which provides intense pleasure to both partners because the vibrating ring stimulates the clitoris when your two bodies are in contact. You can try several modes of more or less powerful stimulation.

TOR Lelo's vibrating ring

Sex toys designed for penetration

If your thing is more internal stimulation , we have the 2 best sex toys in search of the G Spot to recommend to you - tested and approved by the entire Gapianne female team!

Here is the OG from Womanizer , the first sex toy that stimulates the G zone with the pulsed air vibrating technology that has made the brand famous.

For beginners or for small budgets you can test the Tennis Coach from the Smile Makers brand , a little curved in order to find your sensitive point or that of your partner. Its original form de-taboos the act and makes the moment more friendly, less serious, uninhibited.

If you prefer a more minimalist and powerful style, the Maude G-Spot vibrator will meet your requirements. It has 5 different intensities to vary the pleasures. Maude is the famous American sexual well-being brand whose board Dakota Johnson (50 shades of gray, no less!) recently joined.

Other ideas to (sex)explore as a couple?

First, you can take inspiration from our Top 10 gifts to give to your partner because when you love, it's Christmas every day.

Otherwise, here are other ideas to get in the mood and have fun as a couple :

Remember that the most important thing in all of this is connection, listening to yourself, and that of your partner.

→ To explore female sex toys in more detail, see our article on how to choose your vibrator ?

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