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L’orgasme féminin : décryptage-Gapianne

The female orgasm: decryption

Ah! The orgasm. One of the most mysterious phenomena of human sexuality. Already because it has been much less studied than the male orgasm, because certain prejudices die hard and also because the female sexual apparatus is more elaborate, more complex than the male sexual apparatus.

Vaginal orgasm vs clitoral orgasm: an imaginary opposition

For many years, the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm have been opposed. And besides, some even cited the clitoral orgasm as “a little girl's orgasm” and the vaginal orgasm as “a woman's orgasm” (hello Freud).

Only, it is indeed the clitoris which is responsible for the vast majority of female physiological pleasure , it would also seem that it is the only organ for which it is the only function. If there is one thing to remember: it is that each woman can achieve a different orgasm, and especially in a different way . And yes, that means there is no magic recipe. To achieve this, you have to arm yourself with patience, listening, self-knowledge, and letting go (we're getting there).

Physiologically, what is happening?

In the body, orgasm can manifest itself in different ways (which can also be combined): tense muscles, gasping for breath, increased heart rate, release of hormones , “rolling” eyes, small contractions inside the vagina… There are several types of orgasm: physical, mental or both!

The 4 components of the female orgasm

The clitoris is the major organ of the female orgasm , whether at the level of its external part (the glans) or its internal part, which surrounds the vagina from the inside. To learn how to "tame it" and get all the pleasure you want, you have to test different stimulations and find the zone of a few millimeters that is the most effective. Don't forget to use lubricant (saliva, natural lubrication, lube, oils) to avoid any type of friction that can lead to irritation.

The vagina also has its role to play. Its most innervated part is in the first 3 to 4 centimeters of the orifice. And contrary to what has always been imagined: it is not the back and forth movements that are the main source of pleasure. Here too, it is explored, it is found, we test different pressures, rhythms, movements with the fingers, a sex toy or the sex of his or her partner to discover what makes you feel good.

The pelvis and its undulating movements allow you to better enjoy pleasure and reach orgasm: why? We really do not know. But a study was conducted on women who managed to reach orgasm without difficulty: when they were asked to immobilize the pelvis, half of them could no longer enjoy. We imagine that these sometimes imperceptible and unconscious movements stimulate the internal zone of the female sexual apparatus, the internal part of the clitoris, the muscles of the vagina, etc. , in addition to stimulating blood circulation in the genital area which causes increased sensitivity. The pool then becomes the music that binds everything together for even more sensations.

The brain: we hesitated to put it first. In fact, it has been proven that two areas of the brain cannot be activated at the same time: the area of ​​concentration, reflection and the area of ​​pleasure. We leave the math to you. Also, when taking pleasure and during orgasm, the brain will discharge many hormones that transmit pleasure, they are the ones that make you “take off”.

The erogenous zones: so yes, it's much more than a point. But each has its erogenous zones: nipples, breast, neck, inner thighs or even feet! It's up to you to explore it using your senses, your partner or anything that could awaken them.

To each their own winning combination

What is exciting about the female orgasm is that it evolves according to your experiences, your desires, your mood. And that even if in general, there is a winning combination, a pleasure highway that allows you to be full of pleasure every time, do not be afraid to deviate from it. Sexuality is an apprenticeship, an evolution. By keeping sex parties with yourself or with others to complete your sexploration (our favorite pun), you will sometimes open new doors that you never even knew existed.

To remember

  • There is no one way to orgasm, there are plenty of them, and the best ones are yours.

  • You don't have to feel frustrated if you don't hit it every time.

  • Don't be afraid of not identifying yourself with the orgasmic stories: you don't feel a “waterfall”, a feeling of flight or anything else, that's normal. Everyone experiences it differently.

To reach orgasm, focus on yourself, on your well-being, on your feelings, listen to your body and not just during sex!

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