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Article Gapianne sur l'hydratation de la vulve avec des produits naturels
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How to moisturize my vulva naturally?

Over the years, one observation has emerged with disturbing clarity: education about women's health and well-being, particularly with regard to care of the vulva, has been largely neglected. Many of us learned the crucial importance of taking care of this intimate part much later in our lives, often after having faced a series of inconveniences and health problems such as vaginal dryness and yeast infections for example. These difficulties, although widespread, could have been alleviated, or even avoided, by appropriate education and care from an early age.

Taking care of your vulva, and more broadly your intimate health, is essential, and this goes well beyond simple hygiene. It is about hydrating and nourishing your vulva with gentleness and respect , by choosing suitable products and avoiding those likely to disrupt its balance. A well-groomed vulva means a significant reduction in the risk of infections, increased comfort in everyday life and during sexual intercourse, as well as better reproductive health.

In this article, we support you with kindness and we give you the best practices for hydrating your vulva naturally. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and solutions needed to fully embrace your intimate health.

Why is hydrating your vulva so important?

At Gapianne, we are convinced that the care and hydration of the vulva is an absolute necessity for our health, our well-being and our sexual well-being. It is high time to recognize this reality and act accordingly, for ourselves and for future generations of women.

So let's start by seeing together why hydrating the vulva is essential for our health:

A well-hydrated vulva is a barrier against infections

You should know that my vulvar skin acts as a protective barrier against external infections. Adequate hydration thus maintains the integrity of this skin barrier , which helps prevent small cracks or irritations that could allow pathogens, such as bacteria or fungi, to enter and cause infections. Vulvar pH balance is also crucial : healthy, well-hydrated skin therefore helps maintain an optimal acidic pH, which discourages the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.

Its hydration helps maintain its elasticity and suppleness

The vulva is made up of mucous membranes and skin. It therefore requires hydration to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. It is the sebaceous and sweat glands that play a role in this process by secreting substances that keep the skin hydrated. However, external factors (such as the use of harsh soaps or synthetic clothing) can disrupt this natural hydration. This is why it is important to apply specific and adapted moisturizing products to help restore hydration and prevent skin dryness.

And helps prevent skin aging

And yes ! Just like the skin on the rest of the body, the skin of the vulva is subject to aging, which can be accelerated by a lack of hydration. Proper hydration helps prevent premature aging by keeping skin hydrated, reducing the appearance of fine lines and preserving its elasticity.

Lubrication is also important

Although lubrication is somewhat different from hydration, we thought it was important to talk about it. Let us already remember that lubrication is a response to sexual arousal which facilitates sexual intercourse, while hydration is the natural state of humidity of the vulva for its daily comfort and health.

Natural lubrication of the vulva and vagina is therefore essential for comfortable and pleasant sexual intercourse that does not cause irritation. In fact, it is easy to recognize the symptoms of intimate dryness , as it can lead to pain, irritation after sexual intercourse and a reduction in pleasure. Although the vulva and vagina have their own hydration mechanisms (mainly influenced by sex hormones), certain factors such as stress, medications, or hormonal changes can affect these mechanisms. External moisturizers or water-based lubricants can be used to supplement this natural lubrication and improve comfort during sex.

4 actions to take care of your vulva

There are 4 simple but fundamental actions to take care of and protect your vulva. By following the following routine, you will find comfort and balance on a daily basis.

1. Always clean your vulva with a product with the right pH

The first step is to clean your vulva with products with the appropriate pH to preserve the health and balance of your private part. Since the vulva has a unique ecosystem where pH balance plays a crucial role in protecting against infection and irritation, a healthy pH for this area is generally between 3.5 and 4.5. A slightly acidic environment helps inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast.

This is why using cleansing products specially formulated with a pH adapted to this sensitivity, such as Jho's organic intimate cleansing gel, is essential to maintain this delicate balance. Regular soaps and hygiene products with a high pH can disrupt this balance, causing dryness, irritation, and increasing the risk of infections such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

Choosing gentle cleansers, with the appropriate pH, is an act of care and respect for your body! It provides you with intimate hygiene that supports the natural balance and overall health of your vulva.

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2. Moisturize your vulva with natural products

As we have seen previously, hydrating the vulva is a crucial aspect of female intimate health. It is often underestimated in personal care routines. This area is particularly sensitive and is exposed to various factors that can disrupt its natural hydration, such as hormonal changes, the use of unsuitable products, or even friction caused by clothing.

This is why adequate hydration helps preserve the suppleness of the skin, maintain a balanced pH and support the skin barrier against external aggressions. Miyé's moisturizing intimate gel is perfect to help you hydrate it.

In addition, let us remember the fact that a properly hydrated vulva promotes sexual well-being, reducing the discomfort linked to vaginal dryness.

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Also read: Here we will have to link to the future article which compares the different products to moisturize a vulva

Lubricate your vulva and vagina during sex

Lubrication is a key part of female sexual health. It plays a vital role not only in comfort during sexual intercourse, but also in preventing irritation and damage to the vulva and vagina. Adequate lubrication facilitates sexual intercourse, reduces friction and minimizes the risk of micro-tears in the tissues, which can be entry points for infections.

It is recommended to use 100% natural or water-based lubricants, such as My Lubie Lubricating Oil .

Did you know ? Natural lubrication varies according to the phases of the menstrual cycle, emotional state and hormonal changes, such as those occurring during menopause, sometimes make the provision of external lubricants necessary to maintain a pleasant and pain-free sexual experience!

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Rebalance your vaginal flora

And finally the 4th gesture to include in your routine and the rebalancing of the vaginal flora. This is an essential step to preserve female intimate health.

The vaginal flora is made up of various beneficial microorganisms that play a leading role in protecting against infections, maintaining an acidic environment that prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Imbalances in this flora can occur for a variety of reasons, such as the use of antibiotics, hormonal changes, or the use of inappropriate hygiene products, leading to problems such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections. Rebalancing the vaginal flora, through the use of specific probiotics such as the Miyé probiotic treatment (which we love) or treatments recommended by health professionals, can help restore this delicate balance.

This is crucial not only for treating and preventing infections, but also for promoting a sense of overall well-being, reducing unpleasant odors, and maintaining optimal reproductive health.

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Discover our routines for a hydrated and healthy vulva

Want to start a routine for better intimate health? Want to say goodbye to your repeated irritations and/or fungal infections?

Discover our 2 favorite routines:

The Happy Vulva routine (Vulvae x Gapianne) at €38.90

The “Happy Vulva Routine” is a set of natural intimate care products designed for the daily well-being of your vulva. This €38.90 kit includes a gentle cleansing gel, a moisturizing balm and a water-based lubricant, each formulated with natural ingredients to gently cleanse, moisturize and lubricate. We have had these products tested by our community and approved for their effectiveness. They will allow you to reduce intimate discomfort such as itching or tightness, while respecting the natural balance of the intimate area.

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The Vaginal Dryness routine at €85

As for the “Vaginal Dryness Routine”, it is a set of products designed to combat intimate dryness, priced at €85.00. It includes a gentle cleansing gel, a hydrating and rebalancing gel, as well as a nourishing lubricating oil, all also formulated with ingredients of natural origin. This routine aims to clean, moisturize and lubricate the intimate area, to offer you more comfort on a daily basis.

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