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Cycle hormonal des femmes : les 5 étapes de grands changements hormonaux-Gapianne
Cycle hormonal

Women's hormonal cycle: the 5 stages of major hormonal changes

Throughout our lives, we encounter fluctuations in our hormonal system that will impact us and our body on a daily basis. We often hear about the "female" cycle , but we prefer to talk about menstrual cycles or hormonal cycle here, so as not to exclude people who live these cycles without recognizing themselves in this gender identity.

Throughout our lives, we can identify 5 major stages of hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, peri-menopause, and menopause.

1. Puberty:

During childhood, hormones are dormant. The level of sex hormones wakes up and increases radically at the time of adolescence, when the menstrual cycle sets in. When does the hormonal cycle start? The breasts are formed (9-13 years on average), as well as the genitals which are transformed, pubic hair appears and puberty is manifested by the arrival of the first period. Concretely, what is it? During adolescence, the brain triggers the release of hormones from the ovaries: estrogen and progesterone.

A teenage girl in a red swimsuit putting her hair back

Estrogens are responsible for the development of female organs at the time of puberty, but also impact our moods, our libido, while acting on our body (for example on the distribution of our fat mass, on the consolidation of our bones, circulation blood…)

Progesterone is produced by the ovaries and helps create a favorable climate for pregnancy. Thanks to these two hormones, the hormonal cycle and the ovarian cycle are established and will be repeated until menopause, allowing ovulation every 28 days in several phases. To better understand the phases of the menstrual cycle and understand, for example, which days a woman can get pregnant, you can read our dedicated article: What are the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle? Also learn how to boost your hormones through naturopathy with our expert Anne Guillerm's masterclass here.

2. Pregnancy:

The hormone level is completely turned upside down during pregnancy. The first trimester, the body produces more and more progesterone which can create a major fatigue. Estrogen levels will then also increase dramatically as the pregnancy progresses, strongly impacting mood. It allows you to regain energy. . These pregnancy hormones in number also allow the development of the fetus, the thickening of the uterine wall to accommodate the latter, the skin, the hair, and also allow lactation for example. Acting on other organs, they can have less desirable effects such as constipation, fainting, water retention, the famous mask of pregnancy or even anxiety.

Estrogen and progesterone which will allow the maintenance of the embryo and the cessation of menstruation for the next 9 months. These hormones allow the pregnant woman to also secrete another hormone called HCG, (Chronic Gonadotrope hormone) the one that makes the pregnancy test positive, is a hormone produced by the placenta that can create the famous nausea at the start of pregnancy. Some women do not suffer from it at all while others are very sensitive to it, usually until the 3rd month.

To support you during this period with healthy products, we have selected French brands designed to respect your balance, and that of your child. Discover our dedicated products and routines .

3. Childbirth:

From childbirth, there is a drastic drop in hormones until they return to their pre-pregnancy levels in a few days. During the month following childbirth, this hormonal drop can be accompanied by a postpartum disorder, the famous baby blues, a state of more or less intense depression which manifests itself in emotional and existential disorders, severe fatigue .

4. Perimenopause:

During this period preceding the menopause, generally around the age of 45, the periods become less regular and the cycles are completely turned upside down. This hormonal imbalance is accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, a change in metabolism leading to potential weight gain.

Water from a waterfall that refers to the different changes that a woman faces during her menopause

5. Menopause:

Menopause is marked by the cessation of menstruation, a consequence of the cessation of production of the hormones that have governed our cycles so far (estrogen and progesterone). A whole series of symptoms can appear, such as vaginal dryness, excessive sweating, irritability, weight gain or loss, fatigue, difficulty falling asleep, hot flashes, mood swings, mood or morale drops.

At Gapianne, we wanted to select natural solutions designed for these different imbalances, such as the Miyé brand, which offers to support these feminine cycles with kindness in a natural and ecological way. Discover the Miyé range here , which offers infusions, food supplements, balancing intimate gels and other intimate care products dedicated to this period.

To conclude, throughout a woman's life, hormones will impact our physical and psychological well-being. Better understanding them allows us to better understand them, and to consider natural solutions to accompany these changes. Other factors can impact hormonal balance such as thyroid problems, goiter, diabetes and hypoglycaemia. Remember to do a hormonal assessment and consult a doctor in case of doubt. Natural solutions exist that can complement a treatment and help you rebalance your hormones on a daily basis.

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