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Changer de regard et mieux comprendre la ménopause et la périménopause-Gapianne

Change your outlook and better understand menopause and perimenopause

As we know, the body and the balance of women are in perpetual evolution, both during their cycles, but also throughout their lives. All people with ovaries go through a process of perimenopause marking the end of their reproductive years. For some, we shout hallelujah! (end of our periods, premenstrual syndrome and other joys that we have experienced since our adolescence), for others it can be a bad patch. There are many preconceived ideas linked to the so taboo subject of menopause , about which little is said in the media, in books, in society... some women have the impression of being "outdated", of no longer to be young, to no longer be able to have sexuality.

As we all go through this, we should perhaps start looking at things with a little more positivity, while understanding what is happening to us at the same time. To better understand this stage which can be scary, and to turn away from the only negative ideas associated with this period of hormonal transition, it is necessary to better understand perimenopause, learn about its phases, symptoms , and talk about it, whether you are or not concerned!

Menopause mostly happens gradually, as hormone levels begin to change, creating symptoms that are sometimes minor and other times can really affect the daily lives of women (and indeed people with ovaries in general) . We've all heard of the famous hot flashes, night sweats , and awesome mood swings that go with them. There are a number of effective, natural options for symptom relief for all the different stages of menopause. But before that, let's take a look at what these phases of menopause are and how they will mark an important transition period in a woman's life and overall well-being.

Pre-menopause: what are we talking about?

As the name suggests, this is the phase just before menopause. Premenopause is a period that can begin from the forties and can extend from one year to eight years. It marks a gradual change in the functioning of the ovaries , which will gradually slow down, causing the disappearance of ovulation. The end of this period is marked by the total cessation of menstruation, and therefore of all bleeding.

This stage which precedes the complete menopause can be early in certain women when it occurs before 40 years. You should know that in this case there are still possibilities of carrying a child by in vitro fertilization of another ovum. Premenopause officially ends when you have not had your period for 12 consecutive months. On the other hand, be careful, because the periods can also be interrupted for other reasons: stress, OPK, hormonal imbalance, treatment. Tests with a doctor can allow you to understand the causes.

Menopause: what is it really?

Menopause is thus marked by the cessation of menstruation , due to the end of the production of the hormones responsible for menstruation during the menstrual cycle: estrogen and progesterone. You're menopausal when you've gone a full year without a period or your periods stop permanently as a result of medical treatment. At this point, your ovaries are no longer releasing eggs and you can no longer get pregnant. And if it was the beginning of a great period of freedom?! Again, this is not the only time in our life when we experience hormonal upheavals, it should be considered as a natural stage that we all go through. If the subject interests you, you can read our article on the 5 major stages of hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, peri-menopause, and menopause.

Post-menopause: after menopause

Post-menopause, or post-menopause, describes the years of a woman's life after menopause. Once you have experienced menopause, this phase is lifelong.

How to live well this hormonal transition?

At Gapianne, we believe that a woman's intimate well-being, sexual, reproductive and sexual health is closely linked to many other aspects of her physical and emotional health. To relieve your symptoms related to menopause, it is important to consider this period in a holistic way and to take into account the entirety of your condition and your environment, your lifestyle, your balance.

It is normal for it to be anxiety-provoking to consider it as an "end of women's life"... help! It is up to us to understand that this is a passage towards a moment of freedom, far from the dusty image that we are given of elderly women anchored in our collective representations. Like Mona Chollet when she sets up witches as an icon of independence and an inspiration, ( Witches: The Undefeated Power of Women) when they have been decried through the centuries, we could rethink menopause by identifying the clichés conveyed about it.

We tend to focus on our symptoms, worry about the impact it may have on our sexuality, and whether the world will continue to find us attractive, for example. But menopause has very interesting aspects and can be a real release. Many women report feeling relief when their periods stop, and can see their libido completely boosted! In his column " Sexual youth, good riddance !" the journalist Maïa Mazaurette asks us: "What if aging did not mean the slow decline of one's erotic life, but rather its exciting rediscovery". Hormonal changes that affect the brain can also be liberating. Perhaps the balance that suited you before on a daily basis will give way to the expression of unexpressed desires and more freedom? Irritability may reflect dissatisfaction and may also help you get things done. Menopause can be a time to celebrate the end of hormone-induced submissiveness: a time for change and growth! Great projects are emerging around this subject, such as the woman initiative, which prefers to talk about Midlife rather than menopause, or even the Menopause Stories Instagram account which raises awareness about the subject in a good mood.

What are the symptoms of menopause, early or not?

If it is important to change the way you look at perimenopause, you also need to know and understand the associated symptoms to better live with them on a daily basis:

  • Irregular periods (shorter, longer, or at irregular intervals) and/or more intense symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Hot flashes, night sweats and difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  • Fatigue and mood swings; depression
  • Vaginal changes such as vaginal or vulvar dryness, urinary leakage. You can read our article specifically dedicated to intimate dryness to find out more.
  • breast tenderness
  • Decreased libido
  • Weight gain
  • Concentration problems
  • Thinning or loss of hair

You may experience the symptoms of menopause for a number of years.

Good and another small warning, once you are menopausal, your body produces much less estrogen, a female hormone which once gone can be accompanied by health problems, such as osteoporosis in women (weakened bones).

But rest assured! Natural hormonal rebalancing, intimate dryness, hot flashes… There are natural solutions to help you better experience these symptoms, which can be found in the section dedicated to menopause on our site. We have selected for you natural products very well rated on Yuka designed to respect women's bodies.

Here are some of our favorite products:

To clean . Cleansing gel - 25 €

Hydrate. The intimate rebalancing gel for natural hormonal rebalancing, and for which we have received many very positive feedback from our customers - €23 Or South beauty , a multi-action intimate treatment that combines hydration, soothing and protection for the intimate vulvar area - €22

Lubricate. During sexual intercourse: CBD oil for example which can be very suitable, because it allows you to relax, soothes pain and allows a slippery effect at the same time - 46 €

Breathe . Anti-hot flushes, oxygenating SOS mist - €25 to use in addition to food supplements - €42 for an instant solution at any time of the day or night.

Thank you for reading, we hope to have answered your questions. If you have any feedback, do not hesitate to tell us about it on the site's chat or directly on our Instagram account, to exchange without embarrassment and without taboos and continue to learn, together!

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