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Menstrual swimsuit - Smoon

Sale price$96.00

Menstrual swimsuit for bathing in complete serenity during your period. Suitable for medium flows up to 6h and 2 absorption pads.



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Le Maillot de bain menstruel - Smoon
Menstrual swimsuit - Smoon Sale price$96.00

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Thanks to its unique technology based on Oeko-tex certified anti-leak silicone seals, this menstrual swimsuit guarantees maximum sealing and real absorption of periods (equivalent to 2 conventional tampons). Depending on the period of the cycle, it can be worn without any risk of leakage or stains: all day long for a light flow; 6 hours for medium flow; 2 to 3 hours maximum for an abundant flow (or hypermenorrhea). Its sporty cut specially adapted for swimming and its eco-sustainable material that is both soft and super resistant offer total freedom of movement. Similar to menstrual panties, SMOON menstrual swimwear helps absorb blood flow during menstruation. As washable and reusable hygienic protection, they can also: absorb abundant white discharge during the cycle or occasional urinary leakage. Offering reliable and effective periodic protection in all circumstances, SMOON menstrual swimsuits are therefore intended for: all swimmers, pregnant women and new mothers. Ideal for sunbathing or swimming at the beach or in the pool during your period, these menstrual swimsuits are suitable for medium and light flows. In case of very abundant flow, a menstrual cup can be worn in addition. Thanks to their super innovative materials, SMOON absorbent swimsuits guarantee maximum comfort. Indeed, only the part at the level of the crotch is made up of several layers of fabric which do not swell in contact with water. The rest of the period swimsuit is unlined. For you, it is the assurance of optimal waterproof protection offering an ultra-reliable anti-leak barrier!


Usage tips

The Smoon menstrual swimsuit protects you effectively thanks to its maximum waterproofness and absorption of periods up to 2 tampons. This jersey can be worn without additional protection and offers you total comfort in all your movements.

Care instructions: Before first use, we advise you to machine wash your swimsuit. Then after each use, rinse it with cold water until the water runs clear and let it air dry. Machine wash your swimsuit at 30°C maximum, avoid detergents, greasy soaps, fabric softener and tumble dry.

Conservation advice: your Smoon swimsuit is reusable for an average of 5 years.



100% French and Italian materials, certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Manufacturing in Tunisia.
Main material: 78% recycled polyamide, 22% elastane
Bottom: 51% hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elastane
Absorbent: 100% polyester
Membrane: 75% polyester, 25% polyurethane

Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Manufacturing: Tunisia, neighboring country and specialist in lingerie and seamless technology. The factory is regularly checked to ensure that working conditions are well respected. Find out more here!


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