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Menstrual cup in medical silicone - Luneale

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Easy to remove, the Luneale Cup is the only menstrual cup without a rod, with a pre-pinched area that makes it comfortable, ultra-ergonomic, IUD compatible and leak-free. User manual provided.


100% silicone médical platinium. Fait en France.

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Cup menstruelle sans tige en silicone médical - Lunéale
Menstrual cup in medical silicone - Luneale Sale price24,90€

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In detail

Cup menstruelle sans tige en silicone médical - Lunéale-Gapianne


A small revolution! Discover the Lunéale Cup, without stem, which is simply pinched to remove it without a suction cup effect. An area is designed to be able to pinch and remove it without difficulty, which makes it comfortable and safe.

Made in France, near Lyon
IUD compatible

Cup menstruelle sans tige en silicone médical - Lunéale-Gapianne

Usage tips

1) Fold your Luneal cup in half so that the ring forms a C or by folding the edge of the ring inside the cup.
2) Pinch it between your fingers and gently insert the cup into your vagina. Once inserted, the cup will deploy and come to stick against the walls of your vagina, in order to avoid any leakage and recover your period.

You can keep the menstrual cup in place for up to 8 hours (variable depending on your flow and the size of cup chosen) and live as you see fit. To remove your cup, simply grab it by pinching it with your two fingers and extract it. In general, the cup is located 1 knuckle from the entrance to the vagina, if it is placed higher, don't panic: push lightly with your pelvic muscles (try squatting, it can help) to bring it down and catch it.
If you are a beginner and you are afraid of having put your cup on incorrectly, you can use a menstrual towel or panties in addition, you will be more reassured!
The luneal cup is stemless for more comfort and to avoid the "suction cup effect" on removal, which makes it compatible with IUDs. We recommend that you do not use the menstrual cup at night to limit the risk of toxic shock and to favor menstrual panties or organic cotton sanitary napkins.

Care instructions: Sterilize in boiling water before first use. After each use you can rinse your cup with drinking water or with a suitable soap (intimate soap for example) before drying and storing your cup. You can sterilize it with boiling water between each cycle, but it is not an obligation.

Cup menstruelle sans tige en silicone médical - Lunéale-Gapianne


Platinum medical silicone: For a softer, body-friendly feel

Made in France, near Lyon


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