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Menstrual cup with stem - Jho

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Menstrual cup in medical silicone made in France by Jho. This cup adapts perfectly to the walls of your intimacy so that you can even forget having your period!


100% silicone médical. Fait en France.

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Cup menstruelle avec tige - Jho
Menstrual cup with stem - Jho Sale price24,90€

In detail



We find this revolutionary cup. Ok, there's a little helping hand to be had, but it's worth a try if you're looking for internal menstrual protection. Often complementary to classic menstrual protection, the Jho menstrual cup in medical silicone is comfortable and reliable. This little grail is less irritating than a tampon if you're sensitive, and you can run around naked on your period without that happy string between your legs, if it's bothering you. In addition, the cup is reusable and therefore allows not to throw away so much cotton every month. It is also economical. Finally, make sure you have a small sink in the toilet if you spend a whole day at work, or on vacation, because you need a source of water to flush it.


Usage tips

Wash your hands and clean your menstrual cup between each use. Fold your Jho French cup so that the ring forms a C. Pinch it between your fingers and gently insert the cup into your vagina. Once inserted, the cup will unfold and stick against the walls of your vagina to prevent any leakage and recover your period. You can keep it for up to 6 hours. To extract it, pinch the base of the cup to create a draft and avoid the suction effect.
We recommend that you do not use the menstrual cup at night to limit the risk of toxic shock and to favor menstrual panties or organic cotton sanitary napkins.

Maintenance tips: Rinse your menstrual cup with clear water and clean it with an appropriate neutral pH soap (eg personal soap). Between each cycle you can sterilize it in boiling water if you wish. Wipe your cup before storing it. A cup is reusable for an average of 5 years. Its color changes and it is normal, we change it when the material deteriorates.



Medical silicone: Softer and respectful of your body

Made in France