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The nomadic postpartum bidet - Louvz

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An essential part of the maternity bag for gentle intimate cleansing, limiting the risk of infection, promoting healing and improving postpartum comfort.

360ml capacity

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Bidet nomade à emmener à la maternité de Louvz pour une hygiène intime post accouchement


Louvz was created by a midwife who has been supporting women for more than 10 years in their pregnancy, gynecological and postpartum return home follow-up.

The Nomadic Bidet is an accessory to take with you to the maternity ward and to use postpartum for good intimate hygiene after childbirth.
Following childbirth you may have an episiotomy, lesions, hemorrhoids and heavy bleeding called lochia. It is important to adopt good hygiene right from the maternity stage to avoid endometrial infections.

Thanks to its curved head, you can, by reversing the "mom washer", clean the perineum without difficulty with clear water. It is recommended to do this several times a day, especially after each visit to the toilet to promote healing and improve comfort (pain, hemorrhoids, etc.).

Cool water can also relieve you after giving birth.
Rechargeable and compact, it will take up very little space in your maternity suitcase.

Le bidet nomade post accouchement - Louvz

Usage tips

After childbirth your perineum is very sensitive and often raw. This bidet will allow you from maternity to clean your perineum with clear water after each trip to the toilet.
All you have to do is unscrew the bidet head, fill with fresh water and close the bottle. Then turn it over and exert a slight pressure on the bottle in the direction of your perineum to rinse.

Bidet nomade de Louvz pour une hygiène intime post accouchement


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