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Produits Femmes Collection Smoon - Gapianne


On the occasion of the month for menstrual precariousness, Gapianne & Smoon offer you 5.5% discount on all menstrual products of the Smoon brand (panties, leggings, cyclists, swimsuits). Enjoy!

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Why use Smoon period panties?

There are many reasons to switch to Smoon period panties. These underwear are made with organic cotton, without chemicals or toxins, which makes them safer for the body (we avoid non-organic tampons, scented towels...). In addition, menstrual panties are reusable and therefore more economical in the long term. A woman uses approximately 265 protections/year, or 9805 in a lifetime. Opting for Smoon ruler panties is therefore more economical and contributes to reducing our environmental footprint by reducing disposable waste!

bas de maillot de bain menstruel smoon noir, protection pendant les règles, 2 mannequins allongées sur le ventre une serviette

Which Smoon menstrual panties to choose?

Designed to absorb and contain menstrual flow from periods, Smoon period panties are made from organic cotton with fabrics featuring a super absorbent inner layer. This absorbent fabric allows you to stay dry, without unpleasant sensations because it draws menstrual fluid away from the skin, keeping it inside the underwear. Thanks to their anti-leakage system, Smoon period panties can be worn for up to 12 hours before being changed.

But how do you choose the right period panties?

Well, it will depend first on your flow: do you have a heavy, medium, light flow? Also, are you going to play sports with it? Or do you want to use your panties every day? Are you looking for panties for the night? Or for the swimming pool?

Haaaa so many choices! Find our comparison of menstrual panties to find the best panties that meet your needs.

Pack de 4 culottes menstruelles - 2 flux moyen & 2 flux abondant-Gapianne

How to wash period panties?

Rinse your Smoon panties with cold water after each use to remove blood and stains. Then, you can wash your period panties by hand or in the washing machine, using a mild detergent and avoiding any fabric softener. If you choose to wash your panties in the washing machine, it is advisable to place them in a mesh bag and wash them in cold water so as not to damage them. Finally, let your Smoon panties air or hang dry, but avoid exposing them to direct heat or tumble drying them.