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Vulve ou vagin ? Quelles sont les différences ?-Gapianne

Vulva or vagina? What are the differences ?

There are things that we don't talk about much and that have an impact on our daily intimacy. It is important to talk about it to move the lines, improve the care dedicated to women's health and simply better understand its anatomy. Do you know the difference between your vulva and your vagina? Don't blush, in France 6 women out of 10* cannot identify their vulva and it is highly likely that we have confused them with the vagina for a large part of our lives.

What is a vulva?

The vulva is the part that can be called “external”, it includes the clitoris , the external lips, the internal lips (their size is specific to each one, there is no norm, no standard) and the vestibule : this inter-labial zone where the urethra and the entrance to the vagina are located.

female vagina diagram

Image taken from the guide to intimate well-being made in collaboration with

What is the clitoris?

The clitoris was recognized in its entirety in 1998 by researcher Helen O'Connell thanks to an MRI of it. It was not until 2016 that gynecologist Odile Buisson and surgeon Pierre Foldes (known in particular for his remarkable work in reconstructing the clitoris after excision) revealed in broad daylight and in 3D this organ entirely dedicated to pleasure.

The clitoris is part of the vulva, but you only see the "glans", the outer part of it. The whole organ is much larger and has two “pillars” that form its root as you can see in the illustration below.

How big is the clitoris?

The external part “the glans of the clitoris” that you see represents only 5% of the whole organ, the rest is invisible and represents 95% of the organ . On average, the glans of the clitoris measures 1 cm at rest. The entire clitoris measures between 8 and 12 cm, this is an average, we are all unique and it varies from person to person. This becomes erect just like the penis during excitement, it gorges itself with blood and can even double in volume.

Why is the clitoris an erogenous organ?

The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings , compared to 5,000 for the penis. Something to explore your body! Remember that this wonderful organ is not static and moves according to the movements of our body, it is connected to the perineum which can contract during penetration or during external stimulation of it.

Diagram clitoris

Image taken from the guide to intimate well-being made in collaboration with style="color: #000000;"> To go further, we recommend the excellent reading of the Little Guide to Female Masturbation by Julia Pietri. Also available in our exclusive Self-love box.

What is the vagina?

The vagina , on the contrary, is the internal part which is a musculo-mucous organ and is an extensible zone. That is to say that its walls deviate to allow a tampon, a menstrual cup, a finger, a penis or a baby to pass through.
When we suffer from vaginismus, the vagina automatically contracts and we can no longer pass anything.

The vagina is part of the so-called “female” reproductive system, it allows spermatozoa to go up into the cervix to fertilize the oocyte. The latter will become an egg upon fertilization with a sperm, then grow into a baby nine months later.

uterus diagram
Image taken from the guide to intimate well-being made in collaboration with

Why is it important to distinguish between vagina, vulva and clitoris?

In addition to the fact that using the right words allows you to know yourself better and take ownership of your body, 4 women out of 10* feel complexed by the appearance of their vulva , in particular because of a distorted and standardized representation of them. this in porn. This has an impact on our relationship to the body, the way we perceive ourselves on a daily basis, we take care of ourselves, not to mention of course our intimate relationships. Each vulva is unique, their shapes, appearances and colors vary from person to person . They also evolve over time and this is completely normal. We still lack too many diverse representations, yet despite the diktats, our vulva is not dirty, ugly, strange, and on the contrary is natural and fully part of us. And you ? Have you ever looked in a mirror to observe what yours looks like? We call it vulva mapping , it can help you better understand how your body works, your pleasure, but also to put words on certain parts if you feel discomfort, discomfort and pain to talk about it better with someone. health professional (general practitioner, gynecologist or midwife). To look at yourself, we advise you to take a hand mirror. The more you know about the appearance of your vulva, the better you will be able to detect potential problems or identify abnormal changes. If this happens, see a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

How to take care of your vulva?

To take care of your vulva on a daily basis, just clear water and love are enough. If you want to use a washing solution , take one with a neutral pH and without superfluous additives . If you observe discomfort, irritation or dryness at certain times in your cycle, after lovemaking or sport, know that balms and gels with natural and organic ingredients also exist to relieve you. We have created a Happy Vulva routine in which you will find a JHO washing solution, a small Baûbo vulva balm and a natural and water-based lubricant from My lubie to take care of you during your intercourse and masturbation.
Using a lubricant avoids friction, increases pleasure, because the body is not necessarily self-sufficient regardless of excitement. There is no discomfort to have and it can change depending on the moment of the cycle, the stress, the taking of medication etc.
NB: We remind you that the use of a lubricating oil during your intercourse and masturbation can be done if you do not use a condom or silicone intimate accessories. Oil makes them porous and deteriorates them. In the case of the condom, this can result in an unwanted pregnancy, but also transmit diseases and infections between partners.

How to take care of your vagina?

We remind you that the vagina is self-cleaning and that you should not wash it, otherwise you will disturb your intimate flora and promote infections. Moreover, if you are prone to fungal infections and cystitis , know that you can also try to take a course of probiotics to reduce the risk of vaginal infection. We are all different and there are solutions for everyone. Find our selection of intimate care products with a clean composition on and never hesitate to seek the advice of a health professional to guide you. Taking care of yourself is an act of love and we wish you to celebrate yourselves on a daily basis. You've got the power in you!

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