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Comment gérer le syndrome pré-menstruel ?-Gapianne
Cycle menstruel

How to manage pre-menstrual syndrome?

Phase 4 of the hormonal cycle corresponds to post-ovulation from D21 to D28, this is the premenstrual phase. Similar to an autumnal phase, it promotes withdrawal, but also expression and emotion.

What happens physiologically:

The endometrium thickens more and more, which requires energy from us, and little by little if there has been no fertilization, the O and P estrogens will drop, causing the destruction and elimination of the mucous membrane. of the endometrium. It is at its total fall that the rules will arrive (between D28 – D1), during the rules, the cycle starts again with the start of the maturation of a new follicle. Periods can only happen if hormone levels plummet.


A feeling of longing can be felt, as well as a decline in energy, one also experiences heightened sensitivity. But this period also promotes creativity, inspiration, assertiveness, it is a good time to solve problems. It is a moment of personal development, where we favor organization and sorting.

It is indeed the premenstrual phase where certain syndromes can appear... It is the time to soften, practice gentle sports (yoga, swimming) and adopt an anti-inflammatory diet as in phase 3 rich in Omega 3. Foods that produce serotonin and are rich in magnesium are also favored:

- Magnesium: Brazil nuts, cashews, cocoa, almonds, walnuts, legumes, green beans, beans, peas, corn, wholemeal bread, figs, dates, shellfish, bananas, avocados...

- Serotonin (commonly called the hormone of happiness) is produced following the arrival in the brain of tryptophan found in the proteins of our diet: turkey, chicken, beef, almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, seaweed , pepper, cod, parmesan, parsley, pumpkin seeds, soy, gruyère, edam, gouda, split peas, lentils, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, oat bran...

Pssst we also find it in herbal medicine with Griffonia. This plant promotes better sleep because it contains a molecule, L-5HTP, a derivative of tryptophan. L-5HTP has a role in regulating mood and morale.

This is also the time to support your liver, which in addition to helping to produce hormones the rest of the time, during this period it will come to detoxify and eliminate hormones...

You can consume:

- Rosemary, milk thistle, desmodium herbal tea for example

- Bitter foods that help the liver or sulfur (cabbage, black radish, etc.)

For: - the management of emotions we favor plants Angelica and orange tree

-mood, the Griffonia

-better sleep Valerian and Passionflower

- fight against migraines, feverfew

- better manage Pre-menstrual Syndromes think about Gemmotherapy: raspberry bud and evening primrose oil

And relax

Infusion of plants and flowers served in a porcelain cup in a white bed to calm premenstrual syndromes

Article written by Anne Guillerm, founding naturopath Les naturaux Trained and certified by the EURONATURE school, approved by FENA (Federation of Naturopathic Schools) and OMNES (Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education). Anne is a naturopath and offers natural support to optimize your health capital. It is a helping relationship on the physical level as well as on the mental and emotional level. Anne considers the whole being in order to understand each person's path, to better identify the cause of imbalances and to offer support adapted to each person for all types of problems (hormonal imbalances, libido, etc.).

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