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Food supplements for emotional disorders - Twenty Eight

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This cure relieves emotional disorders such as irritability, low morale, stress and restless sleep in the premenstrual phase and during menstruation.

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complément alimentaire twenty eight anti troubles émotionnels pendant les règles
Food supplements for emotional disorders - Twenty Eight Sale price25,00€ Regular price30,00€

In detail



Twenty-eight are dietary supplements developed especially for disorders related to PMS (premenstrual syndrome). The brand has developed a range of three cures, each targeting a group of symptoms related to PMS.

The Peaceful Cycle relieves emotional disturbances such as irritability, low spirits, stress and restless sleep. Ginkgo, a natural energizer, is a great help in the premenstrual phase, St. John's wort reduces anxiety and irritability. The sedative properties of lemon balm and California poppy are the ideal combo to stay serene and sleep well.


Usage tips

Directions for use: we recommend that you start your cure ideally at the end of your period so that the beneficial effects can be felt from the first pre-menstrual symptoms. A cure lasts 1 month but we recommend that you extend for 3 months in order to feel all the benefits.
Dosage: Take 2 capsules per day for 3 months ideally.

Contraindication: There is no particular contraindication for this treatment. It is compatible with pill type contraception.



The key ingredients:

Ginkgo: To reduce the effect of aging
St. John's Wort: To reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression
California poppy: To relieve stress
Lemon balm: To soothe nervousness, mild depression and hypertension

Lemon balm extract, St. John's wort extract, glazing agent: HPMC, organic ginkgo extract, eschscholtzia powder, organic coconut flour powder