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Teaser : Vous avez rendez-vous avec Pluriel·les-Gapianne

Teaser: You have an appointment with Pluriel les

Pluriel les, the sexual well-being podcast

Welcome to Gapianne's podcast, today we talk more and more about sex, but the questions we ask ourselves often remain unanswered, and the gene persists for many subjects. It is sometimes difficult to talk about your sexuality with your friends, despairing of getting lost for hours on obscure forums to find cases similar to yours and making an appointment with a specialist often remains an insurmountable step.

A podcast on women's sexual intimacy with expert answers

With Pluriel.le.s, give us a moment with an expert to discuss sexual well-being. Without pretension, without injunction, without judgement, this is the opportunity to finally ask all the questions, those that we dare not ask, those of which we are ashamed, those that will open you up to other universes. We would like that as the episodes progress, we can all have the same feeling: to do good to ourselves sexually, to do good to another, it is as essential and important as playing sports. , have a social life or share a good meal. Sexual well-being is about taking care of yourself. And self-love enables sharing.

See you every month for a new episode of Pluriel.le.s, a podcast by Caroline Pomes, produced by, the first French platform for intimate and sexual well-being. Find Gapianne on Instagram.

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