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Par quoi remplacer le lubrifiant intime ?-Gapianne

What to replace the intimate lubricant?

When we received you in store, we realized that the intimate lubricant still suffered from a stigmatizing reputation for women and people with vulvas. Some people may be reluctant to use it, their first reaction being "I don't need it, that's fine with me". There is still a big taboo around lubricant , yet it can significantly increase comfort and sexual pleasure.

So what is lubricating gel really good for? Is natural lubrication sufficient? Can we do without lubricant? When to use it? What to replace the lubricant with? All these essential questions that we once asked ourselves while having trouble finding the answer, so no more taboos, we answer them here!

The natural lubricant

The natural lubrication of the vagina and penis is often not sufficient during intercourse and masturbation.

In people with a vulva, love juice is secreted by the Bartholin glands especially during sexual arousal , it can also mix with vaginal secretions depending on the period of the cycle. It is a transparent and more or less viscous liquid that is commonly called "wet", it is produced by the body when it prepares for a sexual act. Be careful, it is not always linked to desire or pleasure , during a sexual assault or rape, the production of love juice can be automatic or linked to fear. The love juice is composed mainly of water, acetic and lactic acid (prevents the good balance of the vaginal flora), urea, aldehydes and ketones.

In people with penises, the pre-seminal fluid is what will lubricate the penis during erection . Like cyprine, it is also transparent and viscous, it is produced by Cowper's glands. One cannot control its output, unlike ejaculation. The amount of pre-seminal fluid produced depends on the size of the Cowper's glands, their size varies from person to person and this is normal. The pre-seminal fluid serves for lubrication and also to squeeze out urine residue before the sperm rise.

Is saliva a good lubricant?

In porn culture, we are used to seeing a lot of scenes where saliva is used as a lubricant, good idea? Despite its erotic potential, we regret to tell you that saliva dries out more than it lubricates . “Yes, but the thread of saliva is so hot” as Jüne Plã would say in his book Jouissance Club, a cartography of pleasure . We follow you, so sex... so we don't hesitate to use it, because yes, it has to slip (be careful, it promotes the transmission of STIs, safety first, we protect ourselves above all), but to hydrate and do not dry out the mucosa, we use an intimate lubricating gel;)

What is the lubricant used for?

The sexual lubricant helps to avoid discomfort and friction during intercourse and masturbation. It helps the body stay lubricated during sex. It can be used in all situations, whatever the practices. The lubricant can be applied to the entire vulva, penis, anus . It can be used during non-penetrative sex, inside the vagina or the anal canal. Most are also edible, we advise you to check the instructions for use before ;). If you are prone to intimate dryness, using lubricant will increase your comfort during intercourse and during masturbation. However note that there are different types of lubricants and not all of them are compatible with condoms and intimate accessories, only water-based lubricants are.

Which lubricant for which use?

As we explained above, there are three types of lubricants:

- Water-based lubricants :

Advantages : they are compatible with latex condoms and all types of intimate accessories . They can be used for all types of intercourse, whether penetrative sex or not. Their textures are non-greasy and do not leave marks on your sheets.

Cons : some can dry faster, it depends on the formulation, at Gapianne we have chosen the My Lubie lubricant, made in France and odorless which dries less quickly than most water-based lubricants that we found on the market.

intimate lubricant my lubie

-Oil-based lubricants :

Advantages: Perfect for giving intimate massages, they apply to the entire vulva and penis, and are ideal for giving a sensual massage to your partner. In addition, they leave the skin soft and hydrated, a little delight. At Gapianne, we fell in love with the Libertine lubricating oil with CBD which has a cocoa smell.

Cons: Please note that oil-based lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms or intimate accessories that are not made of natural materials (wood, glass). Indeed, their fatty substance can make the materials porous and therefore deteriorate them.

- Silicone-based lubricants:

Pros: Thanks to the silicone, they last longer than water and oil-based lubricants. They are often recommended for the anal area, as this part of the body is not self-lubricating.

Cons: they are not compatible with intimate silicone accessories.

For now, we haven't referenced any, if you have any advice, we'll take it!

How to choose your intimate gel?

There are still a lot of lubricants with controversial ingredients, so we choose them with a minimalist composition, some natural moisturizing ingredients (calendula etc.) whether they are water-based, oil-based or silicone-based.

There are now water and oil-based lubricants with a natural composition and without controversial ingredients, Gapianne offers you its selection of the best lubricants available on the market . We have also selected for you lubricants with CBD that allow you to relax and have a vasodilating effect.

How to increase natural lubrication?

Certain lifestyle factors can have an impact on the natural lubrication of the vagina. Stress, drinking too much coffee, too much alcohol (yes it dehydrates!), smoking, taking a drug / contraceptive can for example alter the production of love juice. It can also vary according to the different periods of the cycle and this is normal! There is no magic recipe, however avoiding processed foods with fresh produce will facilitate the supply of nutrients to the blood and blood flow to the vulva. Drinking plenty of water (1.5 to 2L per day) also helps to dilute vaginal secretions.

What alternatives to lubricant?

Certain treatments for the balance of the intimate flora and anti-dryness can also be used as a lubricant. This is the case of this moisturizing and rebalancing intimate gel with organic prebiotics and probiotics selected by Gapianne and compatible with sex toys and condoms, because it is water-based. If you don't wear condoms (oil damages condoms) you can go on an oil base for a natural lubricant, coconut oil can be used. The small vulva balm selected by Gapianne with its combination of natural and organic ingredients (coconut, calendula, jojoba and avocado) can also be used as a natural lubricant.

We banish oils that are not specifically dedicated and other non-natural moisturizers (vaseline etc.) for the body which can disturb the balance of the intimate flora and facilitate the appearance of infections and mycoses.

Is the lubricant compatible with fertility?

There are lubricants specially designed to facilitate the mobility of sperm. We have selected for you a natural and water-based lubricant whose very light texture facilitates the passage of sperm. Why is it more effective than "standard" lubricants? Because it mimics the properties of cervical mucus which promotes sperm survival and motility. In addition the fructose in this lubricant is a source of energy for sperm. You should know that there are also conception cups which, after intercourse, keep the spermatozoa closer to the uterus to facilitate their rise by more than 40%.

fertility lubricant

Enjoy the ride!

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