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Pourquoi se masturber ?-Gapianne

Why masturbate?

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Jess, Clem and the girls of Collectif Junon thrill Paris with their program of feminist and eclectic events, their eponymous blog since 2015 deconstructs the preconceived patterns of sexuality of our time. If you open your eyes, you may have seen Clem on his blue Pussyclette delivering their brilliant magazine Hysterique to the four corners of Paris. Gapianne joins forces with Juno to present you with a selection of subjects that have been cut through with a scalpel by the collective, and of course the number 2 of Hysterique is available for sale here , good reading!

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image of a quotation mark to introduce the beginning of the article written by the junon collective “The pleasures of life are the simplest”. TRUE. Buy jeans because ours is dirty, fall for a lemon pie in the window, open a new jar of jam, put a finger, then two (in the jam, of course).

Small personal pleasures are sometimes the most fun, and that's why 7 out of 10 women masturbate. No, you're not the only ones, and it shouldn't be taboo anymore.

Masturbation, what is it and how does it work?

It is quite simply a sexual practice which consists in provoking sexual pleasure, alone, on one's body and by stimulation of the genitals and other erogenous zones.

This practice is done through one's own body or with external objects designed for this purpose (or not...let's give free rein to creativity;)

Masturbation can be practiced alone, which is interesting, because it is very different from the relationships you can have with a partner. But it can also be practiced in a group, by stimulating one's own areas or by stimulating other people present. Everyone does it according to their taste.

Besides, everyone practices it as they want, either with their own body, with external objects, by rubbing the clitoris or direct penetration. By stimulation of erogenous zones other than the genitals, such as the anus for example.

Don't dare talk about it. But why?

Masturbation has been part of our reflexes since childhood, primates practice it as often as we do. Don't you find it completely absurd, that after so many years, this subject remains taboo when basically everyone knows what Jean-Pierre or Carole does when they need satisfaction? In fact, this blockage about masturbation dates back to the Middle Ages. This practice was recognized as deviant, as it was considered contrary to the meaning of reproduction. Anti-masturbation belts have even been created to avoid any "overflow". But it is from the 20th century that masturbation is no longer judged as deviant, but as a reward by stimulation. Indeed, masturbating most often leads to orgasm, which stimulates the reward area of ​​the brain.

Subsequently, sociological and behavioral studies have shown that humans no longer adopt reproductive behavior, but erotic behavior. The functional purpose of sex has therefore changed, leaving coitus for two-person relationships, and including pleasure through masturbation or learning about one's own body.

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An NHSLS survey conducted in 1990 shows that different factors can influence the frequency of masturbation. First of all the nature of sex.

“Men” masturbate more in quantity in a lifetime, but irregularly depending on their romantic relationships. Indeed, a man in a relationship will masturbate much less, which is not the case with women. It has been shown that “women” do not masturbate for lack or compensation, but for sexual appetite.

Age is also an important factor. This study shows that more women masturbate between the ages of 25 and 50 than during puberty or after menopause.

In addition to age and gender, which are the two largest frequency factors, ethnicity, religion and marital status are also among the categories, although less important.

From a health point of view, it is very healthy to masturbate, it maintains the brain thanks to the reward system, fills your body with good hormones, and above all, according to a study carried out on 30,000 "men", a Consistency of at least 5 ejaculations per week between the ages of 20 and 40 would greatly reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer, sir. As for cis women, it would take a constant of about 14 orgasms per month to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. So all to your masturbation.

Article written by the Junon collective and relayed by Gapianne as part of a collaboration

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