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Jess, Clem and the girls of Collectif Junon thrill Paris with their program of feminist and eclectic events, their eponymous blog since 2015 deconstructs the preconceived patterns of sexuality of our time. If you open your eyes, you may have seen Clem on his blue Pussyclette delivering their brilliant magazine Hysterique to the four corners of Paris. Gapianne joins forces with Juno to present you with a selection of subjects that have been cut through with a scalpel by the collective, and of course the number 2 of Hysterique is available for sale here , good reading!

The contraceptive implant: what it is

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image of a quotation mark to introduce the beginning of the article written by the junon collective Rest assured right away, the contraceptive implant, although placed under the skin, is not some kind of modern and futuristic scalp with an electronic chip preventing you from having babies, it is a contraceptive device much safer than that!
The implant is a small cylindrical stick, made of plastic, 4 cm long and 2 mm in diameter (the size of a match, therefore reasonably small!!).
Basically, it's a reservoir containing the same hormones as the progestin-only pill. (Go see our article on the pill!). So, a little refresher, these hormones are able to:

  • Block ovulation
  • Thicken the cervical mucus, which therefore makes it more difficult for sperm to pass through
  • Thin the endometrium.

To sum up → no baby in your body!!

The contraceptive implant: how it works

Once the implant is inserted under the skin, microscopic orifices expand in the heat of the body and release the hormone, diffused into the blood.

The installation is done by a doctor or a midwife who inserts the implant under the skin of the arm by means of a special needle, but no, no, don't run away!!!

Beforehand, you will have put an anesthetic cream so that the insertion is done without pain. We can compare this to a kind of painless blood test, it's vaaaaaaa! Once in place, the implant is invisible and painless (and that's cool! neither seen nor known).

The contraceptive implant: the strong points

The big strengths of this contraception are first of all that it does not require rigor in its use, unlike the pill... Hop hop hop I know it, we all know it, that we forget it one little too often.

A visit to the doctor is recommended 3 months after the installation and that's it!! Moreover, the implant is effective for 3 years and the day you want to have it removed, the doctor anesthetizes the skin again, before making a small incision and removing the implant with pliers and you can put some a new one in stride. So, I see you coming: “But what do I do if I want to change before I turn 3?! », well NO, the implant is not a 3-year SFR contract WITH resignation fees. Just make an appointment with your doctor who will remove it at any time, at your request and miracle of life, your cycle will return to regular in the following weeks.

The implant is therefore easy and quick to place, discreet to wear, and very easy to remove.

Like the pill and the IUD, the contraceptive implant is a contraceptive method that is more than 95% effective.

It can be prescribed at any age and is not reserved for people who have had children. In addition, unlike the pill, it does not present any danger with regard to tobacco… good point for smokers.

Now let's get to the part you're all dreading: the side effects.

The contraceptive implant: side effects

Tolerance is good and undesirable side effects are not systematic. Some women may gain weight with an implant.

Women who are overweight and those who have gained a lot of weight (more than 15 kilos) during a previous pregnancy are most likely to gain weight with an implant.

Some women may have acne, cycle disorders, menstruation, or even a complete stop, but not serious. Indeed, by reproducing the hormonal state of pregnancy, the implant puts ovulation to sleep. Thus, 18% of users do not have periods.

On the other hand, if the bleeding is very frequent or daily, it may be necessary to consult a doctor, which may mean that this contraceptive is not the most suitable for you.

Speaking of contraindications, they are not numerous: progressive venous thromboembolic accident (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism), presence or history of severe liver disease, genital haemorrhage, tumor sensitive to sex hormones, hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to one of the excipients… Anyway, it's still a lot in fact.

Elsewhere in the world, implants have been placed for more than 20 years, particularly in developing countries. In France, where we are still a little behind, the only implant that exists was marketed for the first time in 2001. It is the most recent. It costs around 140 euros and is reimbursed at 65% (100% if you have mutual insurance). So much cheaper than a pill taken for 3 years… It must be purchased at a pharmacy, with a prescription from your doctor.

Many French gynecologists and doctors may be opposed to the implant, however, like all other means of contraception, they can only refuse it in the event of a medical contraindication. Like any prescription for contraception, the placement of an implant is free and anonymous for minors and you may not have known that.

So if you think this contraceptive is for you, don't hesitate to try it, who knows, maybe this little piece of plastic will quickly become your new best friend.

Article written by the Junon collective and relayed by Gapianne as part of a collaboration

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