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Set of 2 black perineal beads - LELO

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Improve the tone of your perineum and increase your sexual feelings tenfold thanks to simple and effective exercises.

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In detail



The perineum or pelvic floor is everyone's business (with or without children, at any age, and even you gentlemen!). This “hammock” of muscles supporting the abdominal organs deserves the most sacred care. The key to a strong and healthy pelvic floor:
- intensified sexual relations and easier access to pleasure
- a smoother pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
- better support and tone of organs such as the bladder, uterus or rectum.

A seductive approach to Geisha Balls, Black LUNA Beads™ echo your movements with subtle vibrations that strengthen your perineum.


Usage tips

Before use, insert the beads in the sheath provided for this purpose. Depending on the strength of your pelvic muscles and perineum, you can start with a single 37g sphere, then gradually increase to two spheres for more weight. Insert the beads, pull strings down, into your vagina like a tampon. The pearls being quite large you can put a little water-based lubricant (be careful not silicone-based!) to facilitate insertion. The edge of the bottom bead should be at least 2cm into your vagina and the string should be pulled out for easy removal. For visible results, follow a daily training program, ideally 30 minutes a day over 12 weeks.

Maintenance advice: After use, remove the beads from the sheath and carefully clean each part of the system with lukewarm water or with a soap suitable for neutral pH (an intimate soap for example). Rinse with clean lukewarm water and pat dry with a cloth. Never use cleaning products containing alcohol, petroleum or acetone and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat.

Contraindications: After childbirth, check with your midwife that you can start training.
Do not use oil or silicone lubricant.



Silicone and ABS plastic: For a softer, body-friendly feel

Silicon and ABS