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Top 10 gifts for small budgets

Are you organizing a secret Santa with your friends, colleagues or family? So you are looking for a gift with a small budget? You will find your happiness in this article. We have selected for you the gifts that we would have liked to receive at Christmas, for a budget of less than 20 €.

1 – Q Balm

The gift that is as funny as it is practical! It relieves and soothes all daily discomfort in the anal area (irritation, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.), but also after sex, childbirth (often very useful), or for massaging the prostate... with coconut and calendula, the Q balm deeply moisturizes to prevent potential itching.

Q balm, 15ml anal care - 15€

2 – Libido Herbal Tea

We melt with pleasure in front of its exotic flavors: Hibiscus, Damiana, Ginger and Red Ginseng and this is not its only quality. Eh yes ! This herbal tea has aphrodisiac effects, to (re)find the desire that burns in you.

Aphrodisiac herbal tea - 16 €

3 – Multi-purpose balm

An essential to slip into your pocket or bag. Faced with the cold of winter, our skin can be damaged, and turn into crocodile skin. This balm moisturizes and nourishes these dry areas of our body, while providing them with the nutrients they need. A little extra, it has a beveled tip that makes it easier to apply this balm.

Multi-use balm - 9€

4 – Chocolate 0 sugars

One fang, and we're addicted! In addition to being good on the palate, this artisanal chocolate is also good for the body. Its natural sugar is extracted from the date, which makes it possible to obtain a lower glycemic index. As you will have understood, it is possible to have fun while doing yourself good.

Ayurvedic dark chocolate - 9,50€

5 – Small anti-stress balm

A real little hug! The end of the year often rhymes with fatigue, but above all stress. Whether you offer it to your colleague or your friend, you are sure that they will use it. The synergy of essential oils is conducive to relaxation, the bonus is that they also smell very good. Just like the multi-use balm, its small size makes it easy to take with you. Apply a small amount to the inside of the wrists and/or the solar plexus and you're done!

Anti-stress comfort balm - €15

6 – Clean that face

This facial cleanser can be used as a make-up remover, but not only! This little gem also gently detoxifies the skin of the face, to fight against imperfections caused by hormonal acne. We love its clean composition based on lavender and aloe vera extracts. A real bathroom must-have

Anti-blemish face cleansing gel - €14

7 – Lub my fad

The essential to spend a sensual moment in comfort. It allows a better lubrication during your moments of pleasure, and helps the hydration of your intimate areas. Why him and not someone else? It was selected for its natural and water-based composition. Only the best for our intimate area!

Water-based lubricant 75ml - 15 €

8 – Morpheus Sleep CBD Infusion

The arms of Morpheus await you thanks to this infusion, with the taste of lemon verbena, chamomile, lemon balm, strawberry and fig. Chamomile is not only famous for its flavors, but also for its benefits. It facilitates falling asleep and promotes the quality of sleep. With CBD, they form a duo that will put you to sleep!

CBD sleep infusion -€14.90

9 – A short guide to masturbation

It's a nugget! This guide talks about sexuality without taboos, and especially about a word that should not be forbidden: MASTURBATE. It traces the history of female sexuality, through the story of women's experiences. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little more about themselves.
Little Guide to Masturbation - 16,90€

10 – Enjoyment Club

Our BIBLE! The Jouissance club is the essential of our library at Gapianne. In addition to redrawing the cartography of the vulva, the clitoris and the penis, he gives the keys to having a fulfilling sexuality simply with his fingers. Thanks to her very explicit drawings, Jüne Plã gives us the keys to giving pleasure and obtaining it without penetration.

Jouissance Club: cartography of pleasure - €16.90

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