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I'm every woman - Liv Stromquist

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Discover the story of women "of" who had to endure the behavior of their husband or lover.

Liv Stromquist is a Swedish comic book writer, television journalist and radio host. In these comics, the author wonders about the condition of women in our society. The Sentiments of Prince Charles and The Origin of the World have also been adapted for the theatre.

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I'm every woman - Liv Stromquist
I'm every woman - Liv Stromquist Sale price$25.00

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Liv Strömquist looks back at the fate of wives, fiancées and girlfriends like Madame Elvis Presley, Madame Jackson Pollock and Madame Joseph Stalin. Their common point is to be all three victims of men who are incapable of behaving in a reasonable or even normal way with them.

Based on references ranging from the sitcom "Friends" to the biography of Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore, the author pursues with intelligence and finesse her uncompromising criticism of the masculine values ​​that dominate contemporary society.


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Composed of 112 pages of paper.


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